Baking fluffiest white bread using Unold 68456 Backmeister bread maker

Unold 68456 is a high-quality bread maker from a German manufacturer. There is an English manual in the set, but the device buttons are only in German language. To make the bread really fluffy and tasty, we supplemented the recipe by diluting the yeast in water, increasing the volume of some ingredients. Below you can read a short instruction on baking puffed bread from wheat flour with the addition of seeds, candied fruits and nuts in English language.

The Unold 68456 bread maker is not for sale in some parts of European Union and was purchased from the German online store for a price of 99,99 € using the computeruniverse coupon FWNNROU.

Now we prepare a small loaf of plain wheat flour In the Unold 68456 bread maker using recipe number one for the basic program (1. BASIC) from the official instructions. Program number 1 is a basic program, suitable for almost all types of bread. Use this program when in doubt or trying new recipes from the Internet. To prevent the dough from spilling over the edges, do not use more than 500 grams of flour. This program is suitable for whole grain baked goods, however, it is not suitable for gluten-free baked goods (program number 2 must be used for this purpose).

The Ingredient List for Basic Program # 1 consists of 190 ml milk or water, 20 grams of butter, 7 grams of sugar, 340 grams of wheat flour, 5 grams of yeast, and 7 grams of salt.

Directly on the bread maker itself, select program # 1 using the Menu button.

Select the degree of roasting of the crust using the Bräunung button on Unold button 68456

Select the size of the loaf with the Brotgröße button on Unold 68456. We chose a medium roast.

You can add ingredients with the bowl inserted. But if you need to remove it, then this  can be removed with a pivot motion, as shown on photo.

Pour 190 ml of water or milk into the container of the bread maker. We used milk with  3.2% fat content.

Adding 20 grams of butter.

Add two teaspoons of sugar.

Pour 340 grams of wheat flour (about two cups).

We prepare the starter by diluting 7-10 degrees of dry yeast in warm water with the addition of a spoonful of sugar to get a fluffier bread. Its made in an opaque container without access of the light for 10-15 minutes. You can also use dry yeast, but then the bread will be lower as a result.

Add sourdough or dry yeast to the bread maker container.

Add 1-2 teaspoons of salt.

Close the lid and press the Start button.

Bread will be cooked in three stages in 2 hours 55 minutes.

If necessary, you can lift the lid at any stage of cooking.

The first half hour: Mixing and swelling of dough in Unold 68456. A bread icon with an up arrow will flash in the lower left corner of the screen.

Before the second kneading of the dough, add the ingredients to your taste. For example, we added a mix of nuts and dried fruits, candied fruits and seeds.

The second stage of kneading and swelling begins after about 35 minutes.

The third stage: swelling and baking will last the remaining time, this is about 1 hour 50 minutes.


The baking process is shown on the Unold 68456 screen with the flaming bread icon.

The bread is ready! The bread maker will inform you about it with the help of loud sound signals, timer with the numbers 0:00 and an icon of baked bread.

Take out the bread carefully because the bowl is very hot. Better to do it in oven mitts! And do not forget: to remove the bowl from the bread machine, you need to turn it.

The size of the bread can be just under the 750 grams stated in the recipe.

It is better to cut such a soft loaf with a special bread knife!

In the photographs below, there is already another bread baked according to the same recipe, but with the addition of dry yeast, not diluted. Leave a comment if you want other recipes for making bread in Unold 68456 to appear on the site.





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