Review: Crucial MX500 M.2 2280 500GB [CT500MX500SSD4]

Crucial MX500 is one of the most successful SSD series on the market due to its high performance and surprisingly low price. In the computeruniverse online store, you can buy disks of a series of different form factors from 2.5 ″ SATA to M.2 PCI Express x4 and in capacities from 250 GB to 2 TB.

The Crucial MX500 M.2 2280 500GB [CT500MX500SSD4] uses 64-layer 3D TLC NAND chips from Micron. Drives with TLC memory are less productive than options with MLC NAND. Crucial, in order to achieve a higher speed of its TLC disks, allocates a small amount of memory with a dynamic size as an SLC cache, which writes one bit to each TLC cell instead of three. Unlike productive M.2 drives, the MX500 model does not use the NVMe interface, so the read and write speeds of the drive are at the level of 2.5 inch SATA models.

You can buy Crucial MX500 M.2 2280 500GB for the price 72,90 . Don’t forget to use discount coupon on computeruniverse.netFWNNROU (How to use it?).

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Video: First and second February orders from (2019)

List of products from the first and second February purchases on online shop computeruniversenet. We look at what’s inside the packages!

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Crucial MX500 M.2 2280 500GB; 0.045 kg; € 57.06
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The prices on the Russian site may be differ from for European buyers.

Discount coupon in the online store FWNNROU (How to use it?)