Review: Philips Sonicare HX6054/07 [HX6054/07]

The Philips Sonicare S Sensitive brush head for sensitive teeth and gums is the perfect solution for pain relief. This brush heads provides effective cleaning and does not damage the gums. The bristles work so carefully that buyers in their reviews especially recommend these toothbrush for people with bad teeth and gums. It fits all Philips Sonicare toothbrush handles except: PowerUp Battery and Essence.

You can buy Philips Sonicare HX6054/07 [HX6054/07] for the price 21,76 Don’t forget to use discount coupon on computeruniverse.netFWNNROU (How to use it?).

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May parcels from # 1, 2 and 3 (2019) – unpacking and review

The first May purchase was made on May 2, and was sent by the store only on the tenth of the day due to the lack of some goods in the warehouse, and within ten days it reached our center for issuing joint purchases. The order was attended by 6 people from the Chelyabinsk and Sverdlovsk regions, Samara, Veliky Novgorod, Pyatigorsk, Izhevsk. Participants paid delivery of € 29.11 out of € 36.61; total purchase price of goods: € 401.4. In the order: an electric toothbrush from Oral-B and a set of head brushes for it, budget memory sticks from G.Skill that are very popular in our orders, the promotional Sapphire Radeon RX 570 Nitro + graphics card, two RAIJINTEK Morpheus II Heatpipe VGA Kühler CBOs and a modern SSD with specification M.2.

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Review: Oral-B PRO 690 CrossAction (Limitierte Edition mit 2. Zahnbürste)

The Oral-B PRO 690 is the set of two electric toothbrushes that ideal for couples, families and travelers. This is one of the most inexpensive kits from Oral-B without any additional functions, except timer, however, these brushes do an excellent job of brushing your teeth, no worse than more expensive models.

Electric toothbrushes remove 100% more plaque and also help deal with gum problems. The round brush head oscillates, rotates and pulsates, freeing and removing plaque within two minutes! This simple model has only one tooth brushing mode – daily, the battery works without recharging for up to 10 days.

You can buy Oral-B PRO 690 Limitierte Edition mit 2. Zahnbürste for the price 46,90 Don’t forget to use discount coupon on computeruniverse.netFWNNROU (How to use it?).

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Review: Oral-B Precision Clean Aufsteckbürsten 8er Pack

The Oral-B Precision Clean Aufsteckbürsten 8er Pack is a set of eight rechangeable Precision Clean Replacement Brush Heads from the Oral-B Precision Clean Series. The Precision Clean Brush Heads is specially designed for better cleaning and plaque removal along the gum line. Provides effective and gentle cleaning of all surfaces of teeth, effective cleaning of teeth and hard-to-reach areas of the oral cavity. Blue bristles serve as an indicator for users and indicate wear of the bristles, reminding if you need to replace it. The rounded tips of the bristles are safe for enamel and gum. Oral-B Precision Clean is suitable for all Oral-B electric toothbrushes except Sonic / Pulsonic.

You can buy Oral-B Precision Clean Aufsteckbürsten 8er Pack for the price 26,90 Don’t forget to use discount coupon on computeruniverse.netFWNNROU (How to use it?).

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Review: Oral-B Aufsteckbürsten CrossAction Bakterienschutz 8+2er (Oral-B CrossAction 8er + 2)

Using an electric toothbrush regularly raises the question of buying special Toothbrush Replacement Brush Heads. An excellent economical option is the Oral-B CrossAction 8er + 2 kit. These heads fit all Oral-B brushes, except of Sonic/Pulsonic  brushes. Buyers consider the purchase profitable, they note the good quality and durability of the material.

What is Oral-B CrossAction toothbrush heads? 16 Degree angle cleans deep between teeth. The round head of the Oral-B Cross Action brush head is designed for a tooth-by-tooth clean, with specially engineered bristles for optimal tooth coverage. CrissCross bristles are set at a 16 degree angle to reach deep between teeth to lift and power away up to 100% more plaque for a superior clean vs. a regular manual toothbrush. Compatible with Oral-B Genius 8000, Oral-B PRO 7000, 6000, 5000, 3000 and 1000, and Oral-B Vitality. Each order comes with 10x Oral-B Cross Action Electric Replacement Toothbrush Heads.

You can buy Oral-B CrossAction 8er + 2 for the price 27,89 Don’t forget to use discount coupon on computeruniverse.netFWNNROU (How to use it?).

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