Review: Intel Core i3-8100 «Coffee Lake» Tray Sockel 1151-v2 [CM8068403377308]

Core i3-8100 – Intel’s budget quad-core processor from the Coffee Lake family. In contrast to the “stones” of the previous generation Kaby Lake, it operates at lower base frequencies, but it has a larger number of cores. By performance, the processor is practically not inferior to its Core i5 counterparts from the previous Kaby Lake generation, but it is sold for a lower price.

There is no Turbo Boost technology in the Core i3-8100, which means that the chip operates at a constant frequency regardless of how many cores are active at current moment. The processor is worse than the Core i3-7100 when lightly loaded, however, thanks to the four physical cores, there is a noticeable performance increase in heavy distributed loads, where the advantage will be on the side of Core i3-8100.

A larger number of cores use more electricity, so the TDP of i3-8100 is 65 W, as opposed to the 51 W consumption of Core i3-7100.

The processor Core i3-8100 demonstrates surprisingly balanced performance characteristics, especially given its retail price. But due to its mass character and popularity, after two years of selling it did not become cheaper.

You can buy Intel Core i3-8100 “Coffee Lake” 4 core (Quad Core) CPU with 3.60 GHz for the price 116,90 . Don’t forget to use discount coupon FWNNROU (How to use it?).

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