Review: SSD HP M700 SSD SATA3 2.5 120GB [3DV72AA#ABB]

SSD HP M700 SSD SATA3 2.5 120GB [3DV72AA#ABB] is very budget SSD Disk, with performance quite enough for general tasks that the usual end user does.

It used new Dual-Core HP controller with four flash memory channels that support NANDXtend ECC for fast and stable performance. M700 supports write acceleration technology and SLC cache algorithm, with read and write speeds of up to 560 MB/s and 520 MB/s respectively. One of the main SSD’s features is Higher Order LDPC Error Correction for high speed parallel decoding and real time error correction to ensure data integrity and security. SSD has All Metal Body – heat dissipation and durability in a PC environment. It also has full compatibility with HPdst.exe (HP Software Pre-installation Environment).

You can buy SSD HP M700 SSD SATA3 2.5 120GB [3DV72AA#ABB] for the price 22,90 . Don’t forget to use discount coupon on computeruniverse.netFWNNROU (How to use it?).

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