Review: Tefal GV 8962 Dampfbügelstation [GV8962]

The Tefal GV 8962 Dampfbügelstation [GV8962] steam generator has several advantages over a conventional iron, but it costs several times more. Due to the high pressure, steam penetrates deep into the tissues and helps quickly and easily smooth out all folds. The scale collector provides convenient removal of scale particles from the boiler, guaranteeing a long service life of the device and powerful steam. The Palladium Autoclean outsole provides longer-lasting performance by breaking down fibers that can adhere to the surface of the iron and leave marks on clothes, preventing the iron from slipping. Among the main features of the Tefal GV 8962, the manufacturer also noted a unique locking system for safe and easy transportation of the device.

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  • Device type: high pressure steam generator GV8962 in blue
  • Power: 2200 W
  • Volume: 1600 ml boiler
  • Lime filter
  • Maximum vapor pressure: 6.5 bar
  • Constant steam flow rate: 120 g / min
  • Steam boost flow rate: 430 g / min
  • Additional functions: automatic shutdown in a vertical position after 8 min, vertical steam, anti-scale, steam boost, constant steam supply, self-cleaning system, eco function
  • Network cable: automatic cord rewinding
  • Weight: 6.6 kg
  • Purchase weight on computeruniverse: 6.735 kg

Advantages of a steam generator over a conventional iron

Time saving

Steam under high pressure penetrates deep into the tissues and helps to quickly and easily smooth out all folds. Three settings allow you to get the perfect combination of steam power and temperature for any fabric with one click.


Easy and effective descaling

The scale collector provides convenient removal of scale particles from the boiler, guaranteeing the long life of your device and powerful steam.

Easy and safe transportation

Unique locking system for safe and easy transport of the device.

Convenient use

The removable water tank can be filled at any time during the ironing session.

AutoClean Sole

Perfect glide and maximum efficiency for a long time.



Incredibly fast and efficient one-touch ironing.

Designed for demanding users, the Pro Express Total high-pressure steam generator is equipped with Tefal’s unique three-stage tuning technology: Delicate Mode, Normal Mode, and Jeans Mode. The modes are regulated by a simple press and create the optimal combination of temperature and steam power for ironing any type of fabric. Exclusive Auto-Clean outsole ensures perfect glide for a long time.

Key Features

  • Powerful steam to reduce ironing time: 6.5 bar pressure and 430 g / min steam
  • Three preset options: Normal, Soft, and Jeans
  • Smart Technology provides the perfect combination of steam and heat for superior results.
  • Long lasting glide with Tefal Glide Protect Auto clean outsole
  • Ultra-long steam operation thanks to Tefal Anti-Calc’s unique limescale collector
  • High efficiency, ultrafast and high quality ironing
  • The high-pressure steam generator Pro Express Control will cope with any tasks and is suitable for the most difficult situations.
  • Fast and efficient ironing thanks to Tefal’s exclusive three-stage set-up technology to create the optimal combination of steam power and temperature with one touch.
  • A high-pressure steam generator penetrates deep into the fabric and quickly smoothes wrinkles, saving you time.
  • The removable water tank is easy to fill while ironing.
  • Convenient storage and safe transportation thanks to an automatically reeling cord and an well thought-out locking system.

Tefal smart technology

Tefal introduces Smart Technology, a steam generator technology designed to save time and troubleshoot ironing while providing the excellent results expected from a Tefal steam generator. With one-touch settings and well thought out technology, Tefal ensures that the Smart Technology line provides the optimum balance of steam and heat needed to get a clear, wrinkle-free coating on all ironable fabrics, from delicate silk to stubborn denim.

In the ironing process, a trade-off between simplicity and perfect results can be a real problem. Tefal knows that the optimum combination of temperature and steam is necessary for optimal ironing results. Tefal innovates in Pro Express Total Auto Control, creating simpler settings for the most demanding housewives.

How it works?

The Smart Technology microprocessor automatically adjusts and maintains the soleplate temperature and steam power to achieve the optimum combination of these two factors. With an exact deviation of less than 1%, this function eliminates the necessity for contact ironing, which means there is no risk of burning delicate fabric or leaving ugly folds on the shirt.

Three easy settings

Smart Technology provides simplified settings, eliminating the necessity of using  multiple dials and temperature controls. All Smart Technology settings can be accessed with a simple click of a button: the steam generator does all the hard work by itself and allows you to get rid of a pile of ironed clothes easier and faster than ever. The GPR8962 Pro Express Total Auto control system contains 3 preset levels of ironing: regular, delicate and jeans. Settings provide the temperature range required to work with all types of fabrics, and at the same time they are fast, simple and convenient to use.

Quality features for excellent results.

In addition to Smart Technology, nothing left a chance to guarantee results without warehouses when using Pro Express Total Auto Control. The Tefal steam generator can reduce ironing time by half thanks to the high pressure created by heating the water in the inner tank, which allows steam to penetrate the fabric and remove even the most complex folds. The higher the pressure in the tank, the stronger the steam supply and the better the results. With 6 bars of pressure and a steam flow of 310 g / min, the Pro Express Total Auto Control is powerful enough to handle even the toughest creases with ease. Continuous steam of 120 g / min softens clothes and thus makes ironing easier.

Premium ceramic sole with superior glide

Tefal offers first-class soles, and the GV8962 automatic control system is equipped with an Autoclean outsole, which is a long-lasting steam generator. The Palladium Autoclean outsole provides longer-lasting performance by breaking down fibers that can stick to the surface of the iron and leave marks on your clothes, preventing your iron from slipping. The system uses catalytic oxidation as iron is heated to convert these fibers to gas and steam. The sole of the steam generator was specially made with an integrated anti-drip system and has extremely scratch-resistant properties and high wear resistance. The protrusions passing through the sole provide excellent heat distribution and reduce surface resistance to improve slip. In addition, the Pro Express vertical steam function is ideal for removing creases from suits or other hanging garments, and can also be used to crease curtains.

Anti-scale system

The Tefal Anti-Calc Collector provides the easiest way to handle hard water and extend the life of your Pro Express Total Auto control. Just take out the spoon and take out the balance – no rinsing or descaling tablets are required. How does the Anti-Calc system work? This patented system collects scale deposits in a specially coated pan that attracts particles.

Safe and easy to store and carry.

With a steam hose and a compartment for storing the electric cord, the GV8962 is easy to pack for later carrying. This is combined with an iron safety lock that securely fastens the iron to the base for easy transportation. Safety is a key priority for Tefal. The steam generator also includes an automatic shutdown function, so there is no need to worry about whether the device is turned off. If you leave it turned on, the iron will turn off after 8 minutes,  when it stands on the heel, and it turns off after 30 seconds, if it lies on its side or sole down.

Water tank

A 1.8 L water tank allows you to complete long ironing sessions without having to refill the steam generator: 1.8 L means more than 2 hours of ironing. In addition, continuous filling allows you to fill the water tank without having to turn off the steam generator and wait until it cools before filling it.

Customer reviews

The average rating for a Tefal steam generator on Yandex.Market is 4.5 stars out of 5, the device has earned a majority of positive reviews.

Buyers found it convenient to adjust the power for different types of fabric (3 modes), praised the power of the steam generator and its efficient operation when ironing any thing – from linen, jeans to cotton, silk and synthetics. In the kit there is a special spoon, with which it is easy to get rid of scale, and on the inner walls the scale will not settle due to the special coating.

Other benefits noted by customers:

  • the cord is reeled up as in a vacuum cleaner – it is stored very compactly;
  • a removable water tank allows you to pour water from where it is convenient;
  • the iron itself has a large heel, and it is convenient to put the iron on it during a break in work, while straightening the laundry;
  • The French assembly and a 2-year warranty are credible.
  • The iron dries steamed things, and this is also due to the fact that the steam at the outlet is dry and easily penetrates the fabric.
  • Iron cannot steam up as efficiently as a steam generator

Among the many positive reviews, there were several critical ones. So, for example, one of the buyers at Yandex.Market said that the steam generator did not pay off: in the first week of use, it sprayed the product with rusty water, while there was filtered water in the tank, and secondly, it sprayed white trousers again. The result of examinations came from the service center, in which they said that this could happen only as a result of improper operation.

The manufacturer and the users themselves recommend using a steam generator with filtered and distilled water in the proportions of 1:1, so that there are no such cases as described above.

There were other negative customer reviews:

After half a year, he began to spit yellowish and scum. I pour only bottled water, I iron a little, only for myself alone. Have to periodically rewash things.

Negative customer review from Yandex.Market


It is a very decent model of a steam generator. I chose this model for work and for home (I work as a seamstress at home). The most important thing for me was that this model could work with any fabrics and not spoil the fabric, it would not stick. When choosing between other models, I paid attention to easy descaling, since I use a steam generator every day (before i used an iron), this and other functions were fine with me. The price also worked for me. I use not so long ago there are no complaints; any fabrics are ironed quickly and do not adhere, this is the main indicator for me. I recommend this model for both work and home.

Positive customer feedback from Yandex.Market


Defective steam iron – but in other cases it can be very good.
October 19, 2017 [Genuine purchase]
Model: Steam Generator
Faulty Steam Iron – But may have been proven to be Very Good otherwise. This was to be the third Tefal Steam Generater iron we have purchased. The first two were excellent and lasted a many years – perhaps about 15 years if taken together. There were a few minor issues as they aged but nothing of any account. However we had immediate issues with the GV8962 which continually cut out for more than 5 minutes after about 15 minutes use. Googling the problem showed that it has occurred before with other Tefal Steam Generater irons; it was suggested that it is a problem with the overheating protection cutting in at too low a temperature. We have returned the faulty iron and rather than replacing it with the same model are thinking of purchasing the next Tefal iron up in their model range – once we get the refund of the item and the considerable postage cost.

Negative Steam Generator Review from


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