Review: System PC case Fractal Design Node 202 Mini-ITX [FD-CA-NODE-202-BK]

Fractal Design Node 202 is one of the most compact cases available on the market for organizing a gaming system with a high-performance graphics card. With a vertical position, the case takes up very little space on the table, while it can contain a Mini-ITX format motherboard and an SFX power supply unit, several 2.5 ”drives, and a long dual-slot graphics card. Thats why this case is an ideal option for building a very compact gaming system. The case has a strict appearance with the use of mainly black color in the design.  White LED of average brightness placed near the power button informs user the status of the computer. The top and bottom panel of the case is made of metal. The top panel has a small perforation just above the processor, and the bottom has two perforated zones. For the vertical orientation of the case in the kit is a plastic stand with anti-slip legs. In the lower and upper panels with vertical placement there are also perforated areas. The installation place of the power supply is equipped with anti-vibration pads. Any SFX power supply unit with a length of up to 130 mm is suitable for the Fractal Design Node 202 Mini-ITX [FD-CA-NODE-202-BK].

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Disadvantages of this solution:

  • Since the case is relatively small, the temperature of the components inside will be somewhat higher than when using more spacious solutions.
  • The compact size of the case imposes some restrictions when installing components into it, such as: the inability to install 5.25-inch and 3.5-inch devices; supporting only SFX power supplies up to 130 mm; the ability to install only a pair of 2.5-inch drives;
  • Assembly problems may arise due to the lack of space for the hands. For example, there are some inconveniences when installing wide and long graphic cards;
  • with a vertical orientation of the housing, dust will penetrates through the top panel, which is devoid of a filter.
  • the height of the processor cooler is limited to 56 mm;


  • Form Factor Mini-ITX
  • Body Color: Black
  • Type of product: Slim-Desktop computer case without power supply
  • Maximum height of a processor cooler is 56 mm
  • Maximum graphics card length 310 mm
  • 2.5 ″ unit positions: 2 pcs.
  • Expansion Slots: 2
  • Opening mechanism: U-shaped casing
  • Cooling: built-in fans 2 x 120 × 120 mm
  • Service life: 730 days. Warranty period: 730 days.

Interfaces on the front panel

  • 2x USB 3.0
  • Audio input / output (headphones, microphone)
  • Power button with LED (white)

Contents of delivery

  • System Case Node 202
  • Accessories box (a set of screws for installing the motherboard, fixing the power supply and drives; 6 cable ties;)
  • Plastic stand for vertical orientation of the case;
  • A set of rubber pads for horizontal orientation;
  • PCI Express x16 corner adapter and extender, as well as screws for fastening it;
  • Graphics card stand
  • Manual booklet

Sizes and compatibility

  • Case dimensions – Horizontal (WxHxD): 377 x 82 x 330 mm
  • Case dimensions – Horizontal, with feet/protrusions/screws (WxHxD): 377 x 88 x 332 mm
  • Case dimensions – Vertical, with feet/protrusions/screws (WxHxD): 125 x 385 x 332 mm
  • Package dimensions (WxHxD): 145 x 463 x 388 mm
  • 2 positions – 2.5 ″ SSD
  • 2 expansion slots
  • 2 positions for a 120mm fan near the graphics card
  • CPU cooling devices up to 56 mm high
  • Compatibility with BP: SFX up to 130 mm
  • Compatibility with graphic cards: maximum dimensions 310x145x47 mm (WxHxD)
  • The housing can be horizontally or vertically.
  • Weight 3.5 kg
  • Shipping Weight on 4,108 kg

Additional Information

  • EAN / GTIN-13: 7350041082675
  • UPC: 817301012676
  • Article: FD-CA-NODE-202-BK
  • Available for system integrators


The Node 202 is the ultimate PC case for those looking for a beautifully designed, compact chassis that can house a capable gaming build.

This small footprint is an intelligently built unit where extreme detail was placed into the design phase to get every line and spec in perfect harmony. With both horizontal and vertical orientation possibilities, the Node 202 can be placed anywhere in the house. The sleek design makes it very attractive next to the TV in the living room or on your desk in the office.

The internal layout of the Node 202 keeps the hot components separate and has them all placed in proximity of free-flow air so the case will run cool despite not having any extra case fans.

Key features

  • Featuring a sleek and elegant design that will fit in any space or room
  • Extremely small footprint with a volume of only 10.2 liters
  • A highly versatile case that can be set up both vertically and horizontally
  • Supports Mini-ITX motherboards, SFX power supplies and graphics cards up to 310mm in length
  • Provides a smart thermal interior design highlighting separate motherboard and graphics card chambers
  • Strategically placed air filters for a dust free interior


Testing the temperature of the processor, motherboard, graphics card and SSD inside the Fractal Design Node 202 Mini-ITX [FD-CA-NODE-202-BK] chassis. The Fractal Design Core 500, Enermax Hoplite ECA 3220 were selected as a competitor for the Fractal Design Node 202 Mini-ITX model. The first test displays the heating of components after 30 minutes in 3DMark Fire Strike Ultra mode (4K resolution), the second test shows temperatures under load in AIDA64 test (Stress CPU and FPU) and MSI Kombustor applications during 15 minutes.

All System Load Test, t ° C

System Components Burn Test, t ° C

Comparison of computer performance with the Fractal Design Node 202 and Fractal Design Chassis 500 in the program Futuremark 3DMark 2013 1.5.884, FireStrike.

The test results were taken from the article “Review and testing of the case of Fractal Design Node 202”, site

Customer Reviews

Users highly appreciated the Fractal Design Node 202 case, on the basis of which they were able to assemble a full-fledged compact computer with a discrete graphics card. By the size and appearance of the computer in this form can not be distinguished from any gaming console.

Buyers in their reviews also noted the high quality of manufacturing, assembly, processing and painting, the presence of anti-vibration pads and a number of dust filters. And a number of advantages of the case, there are the bags and bags of it:

  • pleasant, strict and practical design;
  • high-quality chassis assembly, panel edge processing and body painting;
  • high rigidity of the structure (painted steel thickness 0.75 mm);
  • the ability to install long graphic cards (up to 310 mm);
  • the ability to install a pair of 120-mm turntables;
  • the presence of removable dust filters on the panels;
  • quite convenient process of installation of components due to the presence of many removable elements;
  • the presence of vibration-absorbing elements in places of fixing the power supply, as well as removable rubber pads.


Beautiful console style case
November 26, 2017
Style: Node 202Verified Purchase
This is a really well designed case. The version I have must be updated, because a lot of the problems I saw in other reviews didn’t cause any issues for me. For example, the front panel USB ports have 90° ports so they aren’t in the way of the fan mounting. The bottom panel on mine isn’t hard to remove. The graphics card bracket has an extra mounting screw not shown in the manual, making it stronger.

My current computer is not the newest, but I wanted to put it all into a newer case. Nothing I play pushes the limits of what I have, so no reason to upgrade everything at this time. Setup: Asus Z97i-Plus. i7-4790K (not overclocked) with Cryorig C7 cooler. Crucial Ballistix 16gb ram with stupid huge heat spreaders. Corsair SF450 power supply. EVGA GTX970 SC. Intel and Crucial 2.5″ SSDs mounted in the 202’s SSD cage. If I had a choice, (had lower profile ram), I would have used a Big Shuriken 2 cpu cooler instead.

There is a top cover which is attached with 4 screws. The bottom cover is what many reviewers are complaining about, but I don’t find it hard to remove or install. Just make sure you unclip the rear first, and tilt it off the front panel ports. The power supply and graphics card dust filters must be serviced by going through the bottom panel. There’s are areas in front of, and behind the SSD cage to pass wires. There is room inside the SSD cage to hide the excess length of the SATA cables. There are MANY tie-down locations, and zip-ties were provided in the accessories bag. I’ve attached photos of how I routed my cables. I was going to make custom-length power supply cables, but the ones that came with the SF450 were actually pretty good, so I probably won’t do that now.

The power led is obnoxiously bright white. I re-tasked this as my HDD activity light and re-aimed it slightly to the right, behind the lens to dim it a bit. I used a blue LED from my older case as a power light, and it matches my monitor’s power light.

I was going to mount two 120mm fans under the graphics card, but I found that it wasn’t getting very hot, even with the case horizontal. The fans never go above 70% on the video card.

Feedback from the satisfied buyer from Amazon


Very little to like
June 24, 2019 [Verified Purchase]
Style: Node 202
I don’t even know where to start. I feel so misled by other reviews.

1. The attachment system is horrendous. Removing screws from the bottom, then flipping it over, and lifting the lid off – great way to drop your internals out. The clips that hold the bottom on suck. Getting the ports carefully aligned on the front is a chore – and if you don’t do it just right, you snap a clip off.

2. All the weight is on the top if you put it vertically, and the USB ports are on the bottom. This is just stupid. Yeah it has a foot, but it’s still unsteady and top heavy, and i have to reach down to the floor to insert a USB drive.

And no, I don’t have it upside down, because if I flip it, then the ventilation is blocked by the foot…

3. why in the heck are the PCI port blanks white?!? literally every thing on this computer is black. what kind of inane design choice is this?

4. The dust filters are barely magnetic at all – they love to slide around, especially when you’re going through the procedure that is taking this thing apart.

5. The screws all came in the same bag. Screws of the same color and length, but very slightly different head shapes and diameters. Seriously??

Negative customer review, customer got the old version of the case Fractal Design Node 202, in which there were significantly more flaws than in the new modified version.

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