Review: Samsung Galaxy S20+ Google Android Smartphone in gray with 128 GB storage

The Samsung Galaxy S20 + – is the flagship smartphone of 2020 from Samsung company. The manufacturer indicated a lot of advantages of the device compared to smartphones of the previous generation and analogs. Among them: ultra-fast charging, with it users can charge smartphone by 66% in the first 30 minutes, an improved high-resolution camera and a 30x digital zoom. Whether you want to zoom in at close range or zoom in on nearby details, the new 30x Cosmic Zoom delivers impressive power and clarity, according to the manufacturer. The camera will allow the user to capture clear images and vivid videos at night and in low light without a flash. The innovations also affected the battery life, it works all day long. The built-in memory of 128 gigabytes will be enough to store videos and high-resolution photos taken with a smartphone camera. If the volume is not enough, then the microSD-Slot will come to the rescue, supporting cards up to 1TB.

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  • Operating system: Google Android from 10.0
  • Display: 17.0 cm (6.7 ″),
  • 64.0 MP camera
  • Processor: 8x (2x 2.73 GHz + 2x 2.50 GHz + 4x 2.00 GHz)
  • Internal memory: 128 GB
  • Slots: MicroSD-Slot, two SIM cards
  • Wireless connectivity: LTE, Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax), Bluetooth, NFC
  • Navigation: GPS
  • Other Features: No Branding, No SIMlock
  • Screen protection grade: IP68 certified
  • Features: Fingerprint scanner, wireless charging compatible (Qi compatible), USB Type-C connectivity, HDR


Camera capabilities

Meet the flagship camera Galaxy S20 +. Shoot in revolutionary 8K resolution and get ultra-clear, high-quality photos straight from your video. Combine that with Samsung’s robust Knox protection, smart battery, super-powerful processor, and plenty of storage for all your files. Open a new chapter in the history of mobile devices.

  • HIGH RESOLUTION 64 MP. Zoom in again and again.
  • Powerful zoom for the finest details. 3x Hybrid Optical Zoom, up to 30x Super Resolution Zoom.
  • Samsung has almost tripled the sensor size so that the user can get the most out of the smartphone’s camera at night.

Night video recording

In low light, a professional camera takes multiple shots at once. It then combines them into one flawless photo with less noise and less blur. And the enlarged sensor and artificial intelligence, combined with Night mode, will make the picture bright, clear and rich.

Reimagining 8K video

For the first time, Samsung has raised the level of video resolution on a smartphone to an incredible 8K. This is 4 times higher than UHD and 16 times higher than FHD. Now every moment of your life will be captured in ultra-high definition.

Get 33MP stills from your 8K videos

This is a completely new way of looking at photography. Turn every scene in your video into stunning quality stills with ultra-high 8K resolution. You have never filmed like this before.

Shooting like an action camera

An oversized sensor and a dedicated stabilizer compensate for camera shake for super-smooth videos, not just smooth.

A new way to take multiple photos with one touch

One touch – and the “Multi-shot” mode will take a video, analyze it using artificial intelligence and offer the user several versatile photos and videos, including ultra-wide panorama, photos with bokeh effect and much more.

How it works? Select Multi-shot mode, press the button and shoot for 3 to 10 seconds to fully capture the scene.

Battery in Samsung Galaxy S20 +

With a super-powerful, intelligent battery with a capacity of up to 5000 mAh, no more distractions to recharge. The smartphone adapts to the user’s habits and conserves energy, allowing you to work even longer on a single charge.

Security system

Samsung has created a special secure processor to secure the user’s PIN, password, unlock pattern, and private blockchain key. The Knox platform reliably protects the customer’s smartphone at all levels of software: from software to hardware, so that only the owner of the smartphone has access to user’s personal data.

Wireless payment technologies in terminals and shops

In addition to NFC technology, Samsung Pay supports its own MST (Magnetic Secure Transmission) technology, thanks to which you can pay for purchases even at terminals that do not support contactless payments. Shop anywhere: in a grocery hypermarket or your favorite café – Samsung Pay works in your smartphone wherever payment cards are accepted. It is safe, because instead of the real data of a bank card, a token is used for payment – a special digital code generated at random, and payment can be made only after successful authorization using a fingerprint, iris or pin code.

Regional lock

As the information from the computeruniverse website says, the smartphone has a regional Lock:

The device will be delivered with region lock. Because of this lock, the mobile will only be usable in Europe or the European Economic Area. To use the device with a different SIM-card, it has to be unlocked by the manufacturer. The unlock process will not be done by computeruniverse, you will have to ask a local partner to do this. To use a European SIM-card for the first activation will not result in an automatic unlock of the device.

When buying from the German online store computeruniverse, the region lock can be easily removed by writing letter to the german Samsung support service. If you live in the European Union, then the regional lock does not apply to you.

Customer Reviews

Buyers from Russian Internet Market noted the many advantages of the Samsung Galaxy S20 + smartphone in their reviews. First of all, they concerned the quality of the screen. Users praised its detail, smoothness and customization. Secondly, the praise was about the camera’s performance. Users noted that the manufacturer did not go with some kind of trick with a zoom, but rather a crop to get a zoom, but nevertheless, photos on the phone are of the highest quality, be it with a 3x optical zoom or 30x digital. Many of users were delighted with the night shooting.

Some of buyers attributed to the disadvantages the battery performance, which lasts only for a day. The battery capacity is good, but the autonomy of the smartphone remains the same as in the previous generation devices. This is due to the powerful hardware, the bright and high-resolution screen and high power consumption in general.

Some of the users noted that despite the fact that the smartphone has one of the high-end mobile processors, the device slows down even when internet surfing. Perhaps the reason is under-optimized software and in the future it will be fixed by Samsung.

Buyers also had complaints about the colors of the screen, which seemed to many too saturated, but in natural mode, on the contrary, faded. It would be nice to have more flexible screen customization. The maximum brightness is inconsistent, falling under load.

Many buyers disagreed when they mentioned the advantages and disadvantages of the smartphone, but they all were dissatisfied with the programs preinstalled by Samsung that cannot be removed or disabled (in particular Bixby, which does not work at all in the Russian region).

Samsung Galaxy S20+
Reviewed in the United States on March 12, 2020 [Verified Purchase]
Style: S20+ Color: Cosmic BlackSize: 128GB
First of all I love this phone it’s freaking amazing!!!!!! To the people looking at the reviews to determine if they going to buy this phone the negative reviews are petty. The complaint about not having 2 sims card slots and there no reason for it in the US. As for the headphone jack review Samsung gives you a headset that you can plug in your charging port and it works great. As for the camera review people think if zoom in 100x on phone camera it’s going to take great pictures. Samsung is working on update to help fix this problem. As for the reviews about not getting the wireless charger and buds it was only for a limited time or they clicked on the wrong phone. Oh by the way the wireless charger and buds are awesome 👌

This phone is awesome it took my a little bit to get use to some of the stuff on here since I was use to the a50 but I’m almost a pro now. The only problem i had with this phone was the fingerprint sensor. The sensor wasn’t defective or anything it has a screen protector and I had to adjust the touch sensitivity plus it didn’t help my fingerprints are messed up because of scars. Once I got my fingerprint to register it worked flawlessly. I would recommend this phone to anybody

Positive review of Samsung smartphone from Amazon buyer


Absolute garbage prototype bugs
Reviewed in the United States on March 12, 2020
Style: S20+ Color: Cosmic Black Size: 128GB
I am a Samsung lover and was genuinely excited for this, I even pre-ordered it. Not even a week and I’m sending it back. I can’t take it anymore. It’s buggy like a prototype, not the most expensive phone on the market.

Id take an old disposable camera over this supposedly next gen camera system. It gets a “warning, camera failed” notification several times a day that makes the camera inoperable until I restart it. I can take better pictures out of a moving vehicle with my crappy Pixel2 after my dogs lick the camera than I can with this thing in a tripod. It has a bizzarre focus, color tints, and lighting problems, even if you turn off all the enhancing features and line up the dots exactly like it orders you too. If you don’t hold it still for a solid 10s before and after a picture, the picture will be blurry like you’re waving it around at a rave. Dark light just plain doesn’t work. I’m uploading some of my best pictures as an example.

In addition to the camera problems, it already has dead pixels despite never being dropped and always kept in a case/screen protector. And the screen is almost impossible to “hard press” even with the sensitivity turned all the way up, so much so that I have to set it on a hard surface and lean on it.

And all of that is BEFORE I spent over 2 hours on the phone trying to return the thing, because it’s well within the return window but they’re subtracting a mystery “adjustment” of $300 and no one can tell me why, just that I have to call back after they’ve failed to credit the whole amount back and fight it then. (I bought it directly through the Samsung website)

Negative feedback from Amazon customer who complains about buggy software, mediocre camera and dead pixels.

Sample of pictures taken with the camera of the smartphone Samsung Galaxy S20 + Google Android with 128 GB Memory [SM-G985FZADEUB] by customers who left feedbacks.

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