Review: Samsung EP-TA845 [EP-TA845XBEGWW]

The Samsung EP-TA845 [EP-TA845XBEGWW] charger, according to the manufacturer, provides ultra-fast charging up to 45W of compatible devices. The maximum output current is 3 amperes. Thanks to characteristics, it becomes possible to charge the phone faster than using a standard charger. With a detachable USB-C to USB-C cable, you can charge your phone from any other USB-C power source, such as a computer or portable battery, if you have a connector. The cable can be used to quickly sync and transfer files between your Samsung Galaxy smartphone or any other compatible smartphone or laptop. Tests show that the charging speed with a Samsung EP-TA845 [EP-TA845XBEGWW] charger is higher only during the first 30 minutes, then, due to the danger of overheating, the speed decreases and the phone charges up to 100% in the same time as in the case of the native 25W charger.

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  • Model name: EP-TA845
  • Item number: EP-TA845XBEGWW
  • Features: Super Fast Charge 2.0 (PD 3.0 PPS Max 45W), Detachable Charging Cable (USB Type-C ↔ Type-C, 5A)
  • What’s in the box: Wall charger, USB Type-C ↔ Type-C cable (5A, 1m), manual
  • Cable length 1 m
  • Input voltage: 100-240V
  • Output Voltage (Maximum, Normal Charge): 5V
  • Output Voltage (Maximum, Fast Charge) PDO: 9V, 15V, 20V / PPS: 3.3-11.0V or 3.3-16.0V or 3.3-21.0V
  • Output Current (Maximum, Normal Charge): 3A
  • Weight (g): 112.6g
  • Dimensions (WxHxD): 53.1 x 30.1 x 89.3mm


The 45W Samsung Wall Charger EP-TA845 [EP-TA845XBEGWW] can charge your Galaxy Note10 + in an incredibly short time. More powerful than previous Samsung wall chargers, it uses the Super Fast Charging 2.0 standard to ensure you don’t end up with a dead phone for long periods of time.

Note: Super Fast Charging 2.0 with 45W maximum power is compatible with Galaxy Note10 + and some future Samsung mobile devices using 45W wall charger and special 5A Type-C↔Type-C cable.

Real tests and differences from 25W charger

Maximum cable length

The maximum length of the Samsung EP-TA845 [EP-TA845XBEGWW] cable is one meter and the cable is quite dense by its construction. All this is done in order to withstand such a current strength. At the same time, cables for charging weaker in power can easily be 2 meters long without losing efficiency.

Charger dimensions and smartphone heating

The 45W charger weighs considerably more than its “little brother” – about 200 grams. Also, experts report that the smartphone heats up more when charging from a more powerful device, which in theory can affect the rate of battery wear.

Real charging speed

Samsung EP-TA845 really charges the smartphone faster at the first stage of charging (up to 30 minutes). After that, the charging speed drops, this is done by reclining overheating or ignition and becomes almost identical to the charging speed from the charger that comes with the phone.

Below is a comparative table of chargers with measurements for 10, 30 minutes from the start of charging and with the time the smartphone is fully charged.

Wired charging Note10+ Note10 Note9 S10+
Battery volume 4300 mAh 3500 mAh 4000 mAh 4100 mAh
TA 25W 25W 15W 15W
First 10 min. of charging 23% 19% 13% 13%
First 30 min. of charging 66% 52% 37% 40%
Fully charged in 65 minutes 89 minutes 108 min. 101 min.
Wireless charging Note10+ Note10 Note9 S10+
Battery volume 4300 mAh 3500 mAh 4000 mAh 4100 mAh
TA 15W 15W 7,5W 7,5W
First 10 min. of charging 12% 11% 7% 10%
First 30 min. of charging 33% 32% 21% 33%
Fully charged in 109 minutes 119 minutes 162 minutes 115 minutes
25W and 45W adapter comparison Note10+ Note10+
TA 25W 45W
First 10 min. of charging 23% 25%
First 30 min. of charging 66% 71%
Fully charged in 65 minutes 63 minutes
Samsung Galaxy Note10 + 25W charger that charges smartphone in almost the same time as 45W charging.

Compatibility with other smartphones and tablets

In normal mode, the output charging power reaches 15W. Therefore, this wall charger can safely charge other smartphones and tablets even if they do not support Super Fast Charging 2.0.

Note from the manufacturer: Charging time may vary depending on the mobile device model, usage and charging conditions, and many other factors. Use only original Samsung AC chargers and cables recommended specifically for your mobile device. Using incompatible accessories may damage your device or cause serious injury. Do not use damaged chargers, cables and batteries.


Compatible Samsung devices

Super Fast Charging 2.0 (Super Fast Charging 2.0) with 45W maximum power is compatible with Galaxy Note10 +, Note10 + 5G, A91 and a number of future SAMSUNG devices. Super Fast Charging with 25W maximum power is compatible with Galaxy Note 10, Note 10 5G, S10 5G, A90 5G, A80, A70 and a number of upcoming SAMSUNG devices.

Compatible Samsung devices

Customer Reviews

Many buyers who have left negative reviews claim that if you do not have the extra money, then there is no point for buying the Samsung EP-TA845 charger. Since a full charge of a smartphone takes about the same time as in the case of a 25W charger included in the kit. To the negative points, buyers also attributed a short cord and a decrease in the battery life of a smartphone when using this charger too often.

8.5% fast charge for $ 50 is a bad deal
Reviewed by US customer on Dec 23, 2019 [Verified Purchase]

Using a professional voltage, amperage, and wattage meter, we compared the 25W charger that came with the Note 10+ to this 45W charger. A 45W charger never delivered 45W. It operates at 24W at 380mA almost all the time, and 25W at 27.5W at 350mA almost all the time. This suggests that this charger is slightly more efficient and uses slightly less electricity to charge. It will also likely generate slightly less heat. HOWEVER, it only takes about 20 minutes for any charger to get 85% (that’s when the phone drops to 10W on both chargers). This provides potential time savings of one to two minutes. Please don’t waste your money on this charger. For Note 10+, the charger shouldn’t cost more than $ 20.

We’ve also tried connecting the charger to other devices other than the Note 10+. None of them support higher amperage and lower power charging. We’re assuming the Note 10+ itself has firmware that allows it to communicate with the charger.

Negative feedback from a US customer who noted the charger’s low efficiency.


Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars. Fast charging, but only with Note 10+
Reviewed by US customer on Dec 11, 2019 [Verified Purchase]

Super fast charging Samsung Note 10+. As of December 2019, the Note 10+ is the ONLY phone that can charge so fast. Other phones can use it to charge, but they can only use a limited amount of power, so they can’t charge as fast as the Note 10+. This charger should only be used if you need emergency charging, as using it too often can affect battery life. YouTube videos show no more than 10% difference in charging speed compared to the charger that comes with the Note 10+. The product is not worth its price. The main drawback is the ultra-short Samsung cord, and the usual Samsung cord is of poor quality, which always breaks down in the place where the cord is connected to the connection. Almost all of the Samsung cables that I have been failing this way.

Negative review of the charger from an Amazon buyer who was unsuttisfied with the charging speed and also noted the poor compatibility of charger with another smartphones.

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  1. The main controller chip of the charger is an SC1710C, which is a Samsung custom chip by PI, belonging to PI s InnoSwitch3-Pro family. The chip has a built-in primary side PWM controller, a high-voltage switch, and a secondary synchronous rectifier controller.

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