Review: Patriot Burst SSD 120GB [PBU120GS25SSDR]

Patriot Burst SSD 120GB [PBU120GS25SSDR] is a classic 2.5 ”SATA III form factor solid state drive with 120 GB of memory on board with TLC specification and Phison S11 controller. SSD supports TRIM team, Smart Zip technology, Bad Block Management, Low Power Management, Static and Dynamic Wear leveling. It has 32 MB SDR DRAM cache memory. It has a three-year warranty from the manufacturer. The computeruniverse store provides a two-year return guarantee without compensation for return shipping from the buyer. A solid-state drive is attractive for buyers primarily due to its good price-volume / work / speed ratio.

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  • Memory Capacity: 120 GB
  • Interface Type: SATA3
  • Form Factor: 2.5 ″
  • Installation height: 7 mm
  • Read / Write Speed: Max. 540 MB / s, max. 560 MB / s
  • Memory Type: TLC-Speicherzellen
  • Supports: TRIM, Smart Zip, Bad Block Management, Low Power Management, Static and Dynamic Wear leveling.

Review of Patriot Burst SSD 120GB

Powered by a Phison S11 series controller, Patriot Burst delivers enhanced computer performance and better gaming capabilities. In practice, building memory on the basis of three bits per cell usually negatively affects the performance side, especially the recording of large files. Reliability is also reduced while shortening dubbing cycles, but such discs are significantly cheaper than analogues based on MLC microcircuits. A new word in the industry of solid-state drives – 3D TLC memory, leaves drives as inexpensive, but significantly increases the reliability of microcircuits.

With its SATA III 6 Gb / s interface, which is backward compatible with SATA II 3 Gb / s, and a 2.5-inch form factor, Burst is perfect for any ultrabook or laptop upgrade.

Burst offers speeds that can provide data transfer rates of up to 560 MB / s for reading files and 540 MB / s for writing, which should significantly speed up the loading of the system and applications compared to a conventional hard drive.

The new SSD is considered low-profile due to the small case thickness of 7 mm. The two halves of the case are easy to unfasten, since they are fastened with plastic latches, however, when it opened, the manufacturer’s warranty will be lost.

Comparison and test Patriot Burst SSD 120GB

One of the buyers compared the SSD with regular Samsung SSD Evo 250 Gb system drive using the following configuration: Asus Sabertooth P67 motherboard, Sata III (Intel P67 Express chipset). As you can see, some instances of the considered Patriot Burst SSD 120GB solid state drive do not reach the declared by manufacturer 540/560 MB / s in read and write speeds.

Customer reviews

Customers in their reviews note a great combination of price and performance. Among the competitors of the disc, there are many other options based on TLC memory that lose the Patriot Burst SSD 120GB both in terms of IOPS and when processing capacious files. At the same time, the drive has an extremely affordable price, which is generally lower than models of competitors. Users also noted that the SSD does not creak and not backlash, it works stably even under hard loads, and the speed does not drop to critical values.

Buyers who left negative reviews said that the read and write speeds of the SSD did not match the manufacturer’s. SSD shows itself especially badly in cases when it is more than on 80% full, but this is more likely a problem of all solid-state drives with the TLC specification.

Great SSD value
Reviewed in the United States on December 30, 2018 [Verified Purchase]
Capacity: 480GB
Let me start by pointing out the obvious, which is that pretty much any SSD is going to provide a huge performance improvement over a conventional hard drive. This one is no exception. If you’re into gaming or have other ultra-high performance computing needs, you’ve probably researched which SSDs are the very fastest down to the last fraction of a second in benchmark tests. I don’t get into that level of performance. All I can offer is that like any SSD, this one will make an old computer feel like a new one, and a new one feel like a much more expensive one.

I’ve only installed one of this particular make and model SSD so far, so I can’t comment on how reliable it is compared to others. Again, SSDs as a class tend to be very reliable, far more so than conventional hard drives. I’ve had a couple SSDs fail, but both were from other brands, and the only pattern shown by two failures out of the dozens of SSD upgrades I’ve done indicates what I just said, which is that SSDs are very reliable.

The only real variable is the “Easy to install” rating. I’m not sure why Amazon put it here, because ease of installation isn’t really a feature of a SSD. This type of SSD is a drop-in replacement for a conventional laptop hard drive. However, there are steps you must follow to do this replacement. First, you must know how to make a full image backup of your hard drive, if your intention is to simply upgrade your drive; otherwise, you must know how to do a fresh operating system installation on a new drive and, presumably, copy your data over. I’m not going to get into those procedures here, or the tools and software needed to do it, as this is a review, not a tutorial. Second, if you’re upgrading a desktop computer’s hard drive, you probably need a suitable adapter to fit a 2.5″ drive into a 3.5″ drive holder. Finally, some computer manufacturers make it easy to access and replace the hard drive, while others make it quite difficult. In the easiest cases, the drive simply slides out of a door on the side of the computer, allowing you to replace the drive wit no disassembly. On the complicated end, I’ve worked on some computers where you have to disassemble most of the machine, take out the system board and flip it over in order to replace the hard drive. And that’s just the hardware — I had one situation in which a laptop’s storage driver didn’t agree with the SSD, and I had to find a different storage driver to make it work properly. So, I gave 3 stars for “Easy to install”, but it’s necessary to acknowledge that I would give this same rating to any SSD, regardless of make and model, and that most of that is beyond the SSD manufacturer’s control.

Positive feedback about this SSD from a buyer from Amazon


issues with software utility
Reviewed in the United States on May 10, 2018 [Verified Purchase]
Capacity: 120GB
Hardware seemed to work OK, but the Patriot disk utility could not see the drive. Tested on 3 different computers with the same results. Thus, I could not do a secure erase, check or update the firmware, etc. I tried twice to get in touch with Patriot support but never heard back from them. I returned it and bought a Crucial BX300 instead, which has been working flawlessly so far. I’ve used other Patriot SSDs with no issues, so this was an unpleasant surprise.

Negative review from Amazon buyer

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