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The Tefal Ice Force kitchen knife is a durable high quality knife that combines advanced technology with premium design. Manufactured with Ice Force technology, when the knife blade cools down to -70 ° C for even greater strength and protection against corrosion. Made of stainless steel, made in Germany, which means it is more durable and environmentally friendly. The total length of the knife: 33 cm, the length of the blade: 20 cm. The handle has an ergonomic shape for reliable and comfortable use.

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  • Type: Kitchen Knife
  • Blade material: Stainless steel
  • Blade length: 20cm
  • Purpose: universal
  • Color: Black
  • Manufacturer’s no.: K23202
  • Brand: Tefal
  • Country of origin: China
  • Shipping Weight: 270g

Manufacturer’s warning: Handle with care. Keep a sharp blade out of the reach of children and the disabled people: risk of injury. For home and kitchen use only.


Tefal Ice Force kitchen knives are reliable and durable tools that are always at hand. A premium range of durable and beautifully crafted knives that combine strength and modern design to give you pleasure and optimum quality every time you use it. Tefal Ingenio Ice Force Kochmesser 20 cm is a 20 cm chef’s knife made of stainless steel, declared by the manufacturer as universal. The Tefal Ice Force knife is ideal for everyday use and for cutting large and small products: greens, fish, meat, vegetables, fruits or berries. The special Ice Force technology provides even greater resistance and protection against corrosion, since the knife blade is cooling to a temperature of -70 ° C after heating.

Experience of use. The knife was tested by us immediately after receiving it at home for cutting vegetables, fruits, berries and even bread.

The first use showed that the knife is well sharpened and coped well even with cutting fresh fish. Although it is not intended for this and such use can quickly ruin it.

Cutting tomatoes into slices up to 1-2 millimeters thick was successful.

The knife did an excellent job with slicing apples 3-4 millimeters thick.

The onion was cut quickly, slices up to 2 millimeters thick.

The lemon was easily cut with a knife into slices 3-4 millimeters thick.

Potato wedges 2-3 mm thick cut with this knife can be easily used to make chips.

The knife was able to cut fresh soft bread into small pieces up to a centimeter.

Small grapes are cut into slices of 1-3 millimeters.

Knife after a month of use: The knife can still be used after a month, but it already has a hard time cutting bread and tomatoes. The bread starts to crumble when cut. It is recommended to sharpen the knife after 1-2 months of active use. If you will often cutting meat, the knife can become dull much earlier.

Information about the knife from the manufacturer:

Ice Force technology

Ingenio Ice Force knives are manufactured using a special process: the stainless steel blade is cooled during production to a very low temperature of -120 ° C. This process increases the blade’s resistance to corrosion and guarantees long-lasting good cutting properties.

Easy cleaning

All knives in the Ingenio Ice Force series are dishwasher safe and can be cleaned quickly and easily without losing blade quality.


The knives will last up to 2 times longer than other stainless steel knife series from Tefal (Comfort. Ingenio).

10 year warranty and German stainless steel

Long service life, increased corrosion resistance and reliability. Built to last. Breakage warranty extended to 10 years.

Customer Reviews

The average rating of Ice Force knives on the website of the German Amazon is 4.6 out of 5. In general, buyers agree that for such a price, a knife is normal for home everyday use. But many of the users point out that the knives are clearly made of mediocre stainless steel and cannot be compared with the products of manufacturers such as Aldi, WMF or Zwilling.

Pure promotional promises

Reviewed by German customer on January 1, 2020 [Verified Purchase]
Model: Ice Force Knife Santoku
I bought several knives from this series to replace my old blunt Aldi knives and unfortunately I was very disappointed. These knives are clearly made of mediocre stainless steel. The ad that says knives can be washed in the dishwasher is simply misleading. There are more rust stains on the knives after one wash in the dishwasher than on my old Aldi knives after 10 years of use. Santoku’s knife blade bent after cutting carrots, the steel is very thin here.
From this I conclude that these knives are not even worth the money retailers sell them for. Knife Recommended Retail Price (RRP) is pure fiction to mimic the quality level of brands like WMF or Zwilling. As a result I have sharpened old Aldi knives and use them again.

Negative feedback from a German customer who claims that after the first wash of the knives they were rusty and that very poor quality stainless steel was used in their production.


I’m quite suttisfied with product
Reviewed by customer in Germany on Apr 24, 2019 [Verified Purchase]
Size: 18cm Model: Santoku Knife
Of course, if you buy a knife in this price range, you need to save on something, and here, as with other cheap knives, it’s the hardness of the steel. Personally, it is relatively easy for me to take the knife out of focus, I have already sharpened it once. But when it’s hot, it is fun to work with, it fits comfortably in the hand, I find it well balanced and can be held in different ways.

Positive feedback on the knife from the buyer with Amazon


Came with a defect
Reviewed in Germany on April 2, 2020 [Verified Purchase]
Size: 20cm Style Name: Bread Knife
The knife is sharp, comfortable and inexpensive and deserves five stars … BUT
Burrs remain on the back of the blade !!
Since I have wet grinding stones, I could sharpen them, but if you don’t have them, don’t buy them.
In addition, I did not like the packaging – a negative example of a mix of paper and plastic.

Neutral feedback from an Amazon customer who found burrs on the back of the knife

The cutting edge is not completely uniform.
Verified Purchase on September 5, 2020
Thickness: 20 cm. Model: Chef’s knife
Good, but not 100% when using large boards. This is an aesthetic problem, or I don’t know, maybe I’m just uncomfortable with cutting; And it is exactly where the blade meets the handle (near the end of the edge) that there is a slight unevenness that prevents me from making a full cut, for example, when I am about to cut from julienne to brunoise [“brunoise” – very small cubes 1 –2 mm, “julienne” – straws 3-4 cm long and up to 1 mm thick]. A flat edge seems more practical to me.

Review from a Spanish buyer who highlighted several drawbacks of the knife in his reviews.

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  1. Кухонный нож Tefal Ice Force – это долговечный высококачественный нож, сочетающие в себе передовые технологии и первоклассный дизайн. Произведен по технологии Ice Force, когда лезвие ножа после нагрева подвергается воздействию температуры -70 ° C для обеспечения еще большей прочности и защиты от коррозии. Сделан из нержавеющая стали, произведенной в Германии, что означает его повышенную прочность и экологичность. Общая длина ножа: 33 см, длина клинка: 20 см. Ручка имеет эргономичную форму для надежного, надежного и удобного использования.

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