Review: Intenso TOP SSD 512GB

Intenso TOP SSD 512GB is the cheapest SSD on a computeruniverse site with a capacity of 500 GB and one of the most popular products in the store in March 2019. Powered by MLC flash memory and has fairly high read and write speeds (520 MB / s / 490 MB / s)

The drive is made in the case of aluminum alloy in the form factor 2.5 ″ 7 mm, which is not protected from opening. As testers from confirm, in SSD that came into their hands, Micron’s selected flash memory was used. It is usually intended to be used in models with an increased level of reliability requirements. However, since the manufacturer in the characteristics of the disk does not declare any data on the internal component of the disk, do not be surprised if another memory is used in your Intenso TOP SSD 512GB.

The main disadvantages of Intenso products are the lack of any technical support and the ability to upgrade the firmware. There is not even at least some firm software application for servicing the drive.

You can buy Intenso TOP SSD 512GB for the price 55,90 . Don’t forget to use discount coupon on computeruniverse.netFWNNROU (How to use it?).


– 512 GB capacity
– purpose: for laptop and desktop, gaming
– Form factor: 2.5 ″
– SATA 6Gb / s interface
– type of flash memory: MLC
– Read speed 520 MB / s
– Write speed 490 MB / s
– Random write speed (4 KB blocks) 25000 IOPS
– Support for 4 KB sectors: yes
– Buffer size: 512 MB
– Shock resistance at work: 1500 G
– Shock resistance during storage: 1500 G

Weight and dimensions

– Width: 70 mm
– Height: 7 mm
– Length: 100 mm
– Weight: 80g
– Product weight with packaging on computeruniverse: 0.077kg

Review and Testing

Intenso SSD contains a full-fledged SMART with three dozens of parameters. These include: accounting of accumulated time, number of on / off cycles, level of wear, volume of recorded and read data (accounting goes in blocks of 512 bytes), temperature monitoring.

Model Intenso Top 512 GB heats up to 59 ° C in the mode of medium load (copying files with a total volume of about 20 gigabytes).

Intenso TOP SSD 512GB drive has excellent performance. It does not use any SLC modes, so the speed is stable all time of the work, there are no speed dips and throttling. Large files from an external source are recorded on the SSD at a speed of ~ 440 MB / s.

The drive works fine with the tasks of small block writing: the program produces an average of about 70 thousand IOPS.

Testing in the program Futuremark PCMark 7. As can be seen from the results, Intenso shows itself at least as good as the more expensive proprietary drives, and in some cases exceeds their performance.

Customer reviews, advantages and disadvantages

Buyers were satisfied with the high speed of the drive and the price / capacity ratio of SSD. The Intenso TOP SSD 512GB uses the MLC memory type, which is not in the budget category, however, according to users, it does meens that disk will always has the good controller.

The main shortcomings of the Intenso series include a large number of defective copies that buyers faced. By and large, the company’s products are like a cat in a bag: a German company takes the Chinese base of the drive and attach on it Intenso branded stickers.

Works without complaints!
Purchase Date: August 8, 2018 [Verified Purchase]
Model: Intenso 512 GB, Sata 2.5
+ Easy installation
+ Calculator runs much faster 🙂
+ Programs run much faster.

Some tips from me for future users of the disk: after installation, the SSD is recognized immediately and can be used. However, if you want to use it as a boot disk, you must set the SATA AHCI drive mode in the BIOS settings. Otherwise, it will not work normally.
For the disk clone copy I used the free program “Mini Tool Partition Wizard Free”. It was very easy to copy my old C partition without reinstalling Windows.

Amazon Customer Feedback on Intenso Disc

work terribly!
Purchase Date: November 25, 2018 [Verified Purchase]
Capacity: 256 GB
I think mine is broken because I have problems with SSD! I am afraid that I can not send it back due to the fact that I have already used this disc for three months from the date of purchase. I tried it on my PC and on my laptop too. It freezes on the PC and after rebooting it no longer wants to boot. On the laptop, i get bsod and after the reboot the same thing. But sometimes it works for several hours, and then suddenly stops working. Unfortunately, I lost my money because I don’t know what the problem is and I can’t use this disc …

Negative customer feedback from

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  1. Purchased in greece. 2019, same results….500gb top 2,5….half days worked half days….not! and died after 2 – 3 weeks of total usage….when i opened it…the Nand chip….WAS Leaking…some ingredient! on the side that is only 1 of them…SKHynix pba327a. The company does not have firmware for not a single ssd model they make…they dont test their products propably. A company not to trust for buys. Prefer the Patriot ones. Small company and reliable from experience.

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