Review: Intenso TOP SSD 256GB [3812440]

Intenso TOP SSD 256GB [3812440] – is one of the cheapest SSD on sale with MLC memory. Intenso is a little-known brand outside Germany, one of the main reasons why this company’s products cost less than Samsung, SanDisk and Kingston branded drives. The second reason is that Intenso is not a manufacturer, company only purchases finished products from ODM / OEM factories, and marks it with its trademark. As a result, the buyer gets a good SSD on flash memory with enterprise class for a ridiculous price. SSD has quite impressive read and write speed specifications: 520 MB / s / 400 MB / s respectively. All is good apart from the fact, that all of Intenso products are the lack of any support and technical information.

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Memory capacity: 256 GB SSD
Interface: SATA3
Form factor: 2.5 ″, installation height 7 mm
Read and write speed: max. 400 MB / s, max. 520 MB / s
Memory Type: MLC
SMART command support, TRIM command;
Dimensions: 100 x 70 x 7mm
Weight: 83g;
Product weight with packaging 159 g
Weight on computeruniverse: 0.078kg
On sale in Germany from August 29, 2012

Review of Intenso TOP SSD 256GB [3812440]

Intenso is a local brand, prevalent in Germany and some EU countries. The Polish company GoodRAM and the Russian SmartBuy works in a similar way. The scheme is buying ready-made SSDs from ODM / OEM manufacturers and then label these products with the name of their brand.

You will not find any detailed information about this product in the Internet or on the official website. All the information that you can find from Intenso – this SSD uses MLC NAND memory. Data about controller and technical process is missing. In contrast to the competitive companies such as Samsung, SanDisk, there are no sections with microcode updates and a proprietary software application for servicing the drive on the website of the manufacturer Intenso.

Design of Intenso TOP SSD 256GB [3812440]

The design of the drive is a case of aluminum alloy in the form factor 2.5 ″ 7 mm, which is not protected from opening by any seals. The full-size printed circuit board inside the Intenso TOP SSD 256GB [3812440] case is fixed with screws, not latches, as is the case with another budget SSDs.

Operating Temperature of Intenso TOP SSD 256GB [3812440]

Intenso SSD is heated. When copying the “inside” of a solid-state data storage device already after processing about 20 GB, its temperature reaches 59 ° C. However, the temperature does not rise above 60 degrees and this can be considered the upper bound of the normal.

Performance Intenso TOP SSD 256GB [3812440]

The SSD presented in the review has good read and write speeds – max. 400 MB / s, max. 520 MB / s respectively. The results of tests proved that the speed of the drive is stable throughout the all copy process. No SLC modes are used here, as in many other low-cost models, but SSD works without failures and throttling. The drive performs the tasks of copying and recording at the speeds declared by the manufacturer. From an external source, the maximum speed is ~ 440 MB / s, the competitive disks in this price category never even dreamed about it!

Main features of Intenso SSDs

Large capacity up to 512 GB

SSD Sata III Top is available in three different capacities: 128 GB, 256 GB and 512 GB. With a size of only 2.5 inches and a thickness of only 7 mm, laptops and PCs can be easily upgraded using SSD Top Performance.

Top performance

Outstanding data transfer speeds significantly reduce access time and editing processes via SSD. SATA III 6 Gb / s interface allows you to boot computers or netbooks in less than 20 seconds. Intenso SSD SATA III Top provides read speeds of up to 520 MB / s and write speeds of up to 420 MB / s.

Silent, low power consumption, shockproof

Solid State Drive with SATA III interface is based on Flash and therefore resistant to shocks and noise. Since no moving parts are used in the design, the SSD is resistant to shocks, which makes working on a computer even safer. In addition, according to the manufacturer data, SSD works energy efficiently and without heat generation.

Customer Reviews, advantages and disadvantages

Buyers note that the weak point of Intenso products is the lack of technical support,. Consequently, there can be problems with the firmware updates and software. The one of more serious disadvantages is the short warranty period (only two years).

The SSD uses the old, not the most reliable Phison PS3108 controller, but it is not the worst. The solid state drive from Intenso has a small buffer size – 512 MB.

Intenso drives are recommended for budget systems. They work and work for a long time. Their performance will be enough for the average computer system. However, the only guarantee you can rely on when purchasing these SSDs is a 1 year warranty from computeruniverse.


+ Easy installation
+ Calculator starts up much faster
+ Programs start noticeably faster

For all a few more tips: After installation, the SSD is recognized immediately and can be used. However, if you want to use them as a boot disk should note that he not only selects them in the BIOS as a boot medium, but also considers that he sets in the settings of each SATA port AHCI. Otherwise it will not work.
To copy I used the free program “Mini Tool Partition Wizard Free”. It was very easy to copy my old C partition without reinstalling Windows.

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I use this SSD as a system drive in a budget laptop, which for me has mostly only office tasks to deal with and there they do their job perfectly. The setup and cloning of the old HDD were no problem with the freeware program “Minitool Partition Wizard”. The speed in everyday life is appropriate for a SSD in this price range. She does not differ much from her competitors (Kingston A400, WD Green, SanDisk Plus, etc.) – a “bread and butter 08/15 entry-level SSD”. The specified speeds (in the sequential range, of course) are at least almost reached when reading and are thus completely sufficient. At the speed of my Samsung SSDs (850 & 860 Evo) in my main computer of course, this Intenso does not ran, but I did not expect that either. The Lappi starts and works just a noticeable tick faster than with the old HDD – and more was not important to me either. And whether z. B. MS-Word is now loaded in 1.5 or 2 seconds, that’s really irrelevant to me.

However, I have to note a few significant negative points that lead to a devaluation to only 2 stars, although in the end they are not sooo important in practice:

– Intenso has no information about the TBW value. According to my research, the memory chips apparently come from Toshiba and the controller from Phison (3108). Based on the competitor products, the TBW value for the 120/128 GB version is likely to be in the range around 40.
Although Intenso advertises that the SSDs are “made in Germany” (Vechta is based in Germany), the components are of course all from the Far East and are only screwed together in “Germany”, maybe even “Germany” will be the only one Sticker applied, with which they then legally compliant as “made in Germany” may be sold. There is, even on the manufacturer’s side, no information about the hardware installed.
– For maintenance or testing of the SSD you have to access external programs (eg CristalDiskInfo, AS-SSD, etc.) and not even a possible firmware update of the built-in controller is without major (and thus virtually unmanageable for laymen) effort possible, because Intenso does not provide any maintenance / management software – that’s really a bad report, sorry.

Perhaps this “lack of support” and only incomplete and speed technically more conservative technical data is due to the fact that a quasi-frequently changing hardware “made in Germany” (mouhahaha …) is installed and therefore the administrative burden would be much too large to here to offer any kind of support.

In other words, who buys an Intenso SSD buys the “cat in a poke” in a sense: No more detailed technical data, no software support, no information on durability, etc. In Intenso so each “quasi” something installed be, about which one receives however no information. Other reviewers have already mentioned this point. Who puts emphasis on more quality in this regard, who should invest a few euros more in a brand product (Samsung, Crucial, etc.), especially since SSDs have become something like “penny articles”, where the famous brand manufacturers for just a few euros more already a much better quality receives – if one puts on it of course.

At this point also again a fundamental note on the use of SSDs: In various reviews here I have read so often times that an SSD was installed in a laptop used only more or less rarely and the Lappi then after a few weeks or even months of No longer wanted to start non-use. Guys, that’s perfectly normal, because an SSD stores the data quasi “electro-chemically” and not permanently magnetic, as on an HDD. If a described SSD is not supplied with power for tens of weeks, then it loses its stored data. This is certainly not a mistake of the SSD, but of the user. But as the saying goes, 99% of all PC errors are usually in front of the keyboard.

My personal conclusion: See the title of this review. The Intenso SSDs evidently contain ever-changing hardware, but they work, no more and no less. If you do not want increased speed, maximum reliability and good support, or you do not need it, you will be well supplied with one of these intenso. Personally, I would definitely take the now only a few extra charge for a SSD with DRAM in purchasing (ie Samsung Evo or Crucial MX500), unless it really comes on EVERY Euro.

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