Review: Intenso Top Performance SSD M.2 MLC 512GB

Intenso Top Performance SSD M.2 MLC 512GB is the cheapest SSD on the computeruniverse online shop with a volume of 500 GB or more and one of the most popular items 2020 in the store. It runs on MLC flash memory and has fairly high read and write speeds (520 MB / s / 500 MB / s). Unlike the previously reviewed two and a half inch Intenso TOP SSD 512GB, this model comes in the m.2 2280 form factor and is equipped with an auxiliary SLC boost cache.

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  • Article number / disk size: 3832450/512 GB
  • Form Factor: m.2 2280
  • Interface: SATA
  • Protocol: SATA III (6 Gbps)
  • Read Speed: 520 MB / s (133.120 IOPS)
  • Write Speed: 500 MB / s (128.000 IOPS)
  • Dimensions: 22 x 80 x max. 4 mm
  • Weight: 7 g


  • Advanced 3D-Nand technology with SLC boost cache
  • Low power consumption
  • Shockproof (1500 G / 0.5 ms)
  • Quiet operation (0 dB)
  • SMART Command Support
  • TRIM command support


According to some users and reviewers, the Intenso Top Performance SSD M.2 MLC 512GB is often equipped with good Micron flash memory, which is intended for use in models with an increased level of reliability requirements. However, since the manufacturer does not declare any information about the internal component of the disk in the characteristics table, you should not be surprised if another memory will be found in the purchased Intenso TOP SSD 512GB.

The main disadvantages of Intenso’s products are the lack of any technical support and the ability to update the firmware. There is not even any proprietary software application for servicing the drive. Warranty service leaves much to be desired and, as a rule, is carried out only with retailers.

Using technology with SLC boost cache

In terms of read and write speed, Intenso Top Performance SSD M.2 MLC 512GB is not inferior to the Intenso TOP SSD 512GB model and has good performance. It uses the new SLC boost mode technology. The Micron’s idea is to dynamically flipping flash memory dies between SLC and MLC modes. Sounds good on paper – get the speed of SLC flash while the SSD is 50% full, then start putting the crystals into MLC mode to get a higher capacity. This technology didn’t exist until it was possible to switch matrices between modes, and that was not long before the advent of M600 solid state drives. This differs from other types of mixed mode, such as the Samsung EVO models, which have a small SLC segment on each TLC die. Due to static separation, these types of solutions were more stable in performance than the M600. The technology looks something like this: The solid state drive is equipped with MLC flash, but this flash is configured to work in SLC mode all the time. This provides ~ 4x write speed and higher longevity of ~ 30,000 write cycles compared to ~ 5-10K P / E cycles of the same flash memory operating in MLC mode. These drives are expected to consume twice as much flash memory as the equivalent capacity of the MLC model. This trick gives you the performance and longevity of an SLC at a lower cost per 1GB of regular SLC solid state drive.

Customer Reviews

Buyers were satisfied with the drive’s high speed and the SSD’s price / volume ratio. The Intenso Top Performance SSD M.2 MLC 512GB uses a type of MLC memory that does not belong to the category of budget, however, according to users, it has not the best controller and a small buffer size.

The main disadvantages of the Intenso series include a large number of defective items that customers encountered. By and large, the company’s products do not have a description by type of memory and the user can get a “pig in a poke”: the German company takes the Chinese base of the drive and glues its own branded stickers “Intenso”.

Made my old slow laptop much faster

Reviewed in UK on Jul 28, 2020 [Verified Purchase]

My old laptop became very slow. I replaced the hard drive with an SSD in it, which increased the speed by about five times. As a computer engineer, I have found the drive to be easy to install, but I understand that not everyone has the experience I do. I would have bought it again, but before I thought it was an unknown brand that cannot be trusted.

Positive feedback from a customer regarding the drive, who noticed a significant increase in laptop speed after installing this SSD.


The reading speed decreases with the age of the file.

Reviewed in Germany on March 8, 2019 [Verified Purchase]

Completely useless. The read speed of files that have been stored on a solid state drive unchanged for more than a month is no longer as fast as that of a laptop hard drive. After a week, approximately 1/4 of the original speed.

Negative feedback from a customer who complained about a decrease in speed over time.

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