Review: Intel SSD 660P M.2 PCIe 3.0 x4 QLC Retail Box 1TB [SSDPEKNW010T8X1]

Intel’s new SSD is built on 3D NAND QLC memory with 64 layers, designated by the manufacturer as 3D2 QLC. 1-TB drive is equipped with two chips, with four crystals each. The controller supports NVMe 1.3, PCIe 3.0 x4 interface and Toggle Mode 2.0 and 3.0. The SSD 660p is clearly noticeable reduction in the estimated recording load associated with the transition to QLC NAND. The drive is guaranteed for a period of five years if the TBW resource has not been exhausted. For this 1 TB SSD TBW is only 200 TB, which is even less than in the most entry-level SSDs. As in the case of TLC disks, the SSD 660p is equipped with a rather large dynamic SLC cache for faster write speeds. However, in the case of the Intel SSD 660P M.2 PCIe 3.0 x4 QLC, data always passes through the SLC cache, which leads to a significant drop in performance when the cache is full, approximately to the level of the HDD.

Of the positive aspects, in addition to a good price, it has the low temperatures of the drive (in idle mode – 37 ° C, under full load – up to 66 ° C).

Among the main features that appear in the description from the manufacturer is end-to-end data protection, ensuring the integrity of stored data and support for Intel Rapid Start technology, which allows quickly bring the system out of sleep mode.

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  • Release date Q3’18
  • Capacity: 1.0 TB
  • Purpose: for laptop and desktop computer
  • Form factor: 2280
  • Technology: QLC 3D NAND
  • Controller: Silicon Motion
  • Form factor: M.2 22 x 80 mm, PCI-E (PCI-E 3.0 x4)
  • Read and write speed 1800 MB / s
  • Random write speed (4 KB blocks) 220000 IOPS
  • Total number of bytes written (TBW) 200 TB
  • Support for 4 KB sectors, data encryption (AES 256 bit hardware encryption), NVMe support
  • MTBF: 1600000 hours
  • Shock resistance at work: 1000 G
  • Shock resistance during storage: 1000 G
  • Power consumption: 0.1 W
  • Max. operating temperature: 70 ° C
  • Width x Length: 22 mm x 80 mm
  • Weight 10 g
  • Manufacturer’s warranty: 5 years if not exhausted by TBW


Intel® 660p Series Solid-State Drive, powered by innovative Intel® QLC technology, offers more storage capacity at a lower price than TLC-based drives. Thanks to the PCIe interface, the new 660p series solid-state drives surpass SATA drives with their limitations and provide capacity up to 2 TB.

The use of QLC NAND technology (storing four bits instead of three per cell) reduces the cost of solid-state drives, but at the same time affects the reliability and speed of data transmission. In this regard, the drive is appropriate to use in the begginer and secondary level systems, but for solving complex problems where high data writing speed is required it is better to choose another disk.

Main Features

  • Mfr Part Number: SSDPEKNW010T8X1
  • Form Factor: M.2 22 x 80 mm
  • Interface: PCI-Express NVMe 3.0 x4
  • Random Read (8GB Span): Up to 150,000 IOPS
  • Random Write (8GB Span): Up to 220,000 IOPS
  • End-to-End Data Protection ensures integrity of stored data from the computer to the SSD and back. ; Intel Rapid Start Technology allows quick system resumes from the hibernate state

PCIe Performance at a Great Price

Empowered by Intel’s innovative Intel QLC Technology, the Intel SSD 660p offers higher capacities at a lower cost. With PCIe*, the SSD 660p skips SATA and its limitations to offer up to 2TB in one drive.

Twice the Capacity in Identical Footprints 2

These client SSDs pack more data than usual, allowing up to 2x more capacity in identical footprints. The thin M.2 80mm form factor makes it perfect for notebooks, desktops, and mobile devices that need storage for everyday computing.

2 – 2x more capacity in identical footprints based on specifcation comparisons between the Intel SSD 660p Series (up to 2TB) and Intel SSD 600p Series (up to 1TB).

Performance and Price That Matters

The SSD 660p hits the marks that matter for client SSDs. This drive is tuned to deliver a capacity optimized NVMe performance and deliver an intelligent storage option for mainstream and entry-level computing.

Test results

Temperatures after system startup.

A linear reading test when the drive is approximately half full.

The following test shows how the SSD behaves under various loads: information was recorded and rewritten to the drive; then a linear reading test was started and, right in the process of reading, a large data array was deleted.

Linear write to the drive test. Here we notice a sharp and deep speed drop.

Indicator of the temperature after the tests.

Customer Reviews

Buyers were satisfied with the speed characteristics of the drives, the low price for such a drive and a five-year warranty from the manufacturer. The read speed reaches 1800 MB / s, which is 3 times more than the classic solid-state drives with SATA form factor at a similar price. The low temperature of work under load was also noted, the drive is able to work without an additional heat sink, and customers, using it, will not face such unpleasant factors as overheating and throttling.

However, not all reviews were 100% positive. Some of the customers complained about the write speed, which, when measured in the dd and Gnome Disk Util programs, turned out to be significantly lower than the declared one, namely 300 MB / S. Among the negative aspects were also noted the inability to boot into Legacy mode (support only in UEFI mode load).

Making conclusions from customer reviews, it is safe to say that the disk bypasses many options in terms of price / volume / speed, but is not suitable for systems that regularly record large amounts of data.

Great SSD, incredible value – but BYO screw
December 27, 2018 [Verified Purchase]
Capacity: 1.0TB
Great little disk and the price cannot be beat. It doesn’t perform as well as other NVMe drives, but for data storage it’s the perfect choice.

Word of warning – it does not include the necessary mounting screw, so unless you’re replacing an existing drive, you’ll need to run to your local hardware store for a CM2x3-3.3 screw to mount it.

Amazon Customer Feedback


March 10, 2019 [Verified Purchase]
Capacity: 2.0TB
I bought the 2TB Intel 660p NVMe SSD, “new”, from Amazon Services, Inc. (not an other seller).
Reviews indicate it has an OK buffer size, with SamSung and even HP a little better.
However, the price is stellar, and it’s still faster at any of its speeds than my prior device.
I was a little worried because of some claims that their new device was mislabeld.

The package I received had the safety tape cut already. I was worried.
I inspected closely, and everything was correct. No fingerprints, no damage.
When I installed the device, it said power cycles 2, power-on hours 0.
Hardware ID is Intel SSDPEKNW02T8, and size is 2 TiB.

Now that my concerns were assuaged, I used Macrium to clone.
Cloning from my old drive pushed 430GBytes in 45 minutes. Macrium claimed 1.3GB/sec.
Swapped the device, and re-enabled BitLocker, reinstalled Steam, etc.
So far, performance is great. It’s been 3 days, and backups are fast, games load fast, etc.

I was on NVMe before, so I didn’t expect to notice any difference.
I do. It’s not as much as the difference from HDD to SSD, but it is like the difference between SATA and NVMe.
So, as a reminder, every few years, check performance for the next generation of SSDs.
If your system supports it, and you run any demanding workloads (VirtualBox/VMWare, gaming, etc), then consider an upgrade.

Amazon’s customer review

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