Review: Crucial MX500 M.2 2280 500GB [CT500MX500SSD4]

Crucial MX500 is one of the most successful SSD series on the market due to its high performance and surprisingly low price. In the computeruniverse online store, you can buy disks of a series of different form factors from 2.5 ″ SATA to M.2 PCI Express x4 and in capacities from 250 GB to 2 TB.

The Crucial MX500 M.2 2280 500GB [CT500MX500SSD4] uses 64-layer 3D TLC NAND chips from Micron. Drives with TLC memory are less productive than options with MLC NAND. Crucial, in order to achieve a higher speed of its TLC disks, allocates a small amount of memory with a dynamic size as an SLC cache, which writes one bit to each TLC cell instead of three. Unlike productive M.2 drives, the MX500 model does not use the NVMe interface, so the read and write speeds of the drive are at the level of 2.5 inch SATA models.

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  • SSD capacity: 500 GB SSD
  • Interface Type: SATA3, PCI Express x4
  • Form Factor: M.2 (2280)
  • Read and write speed: max. 510 MB / s, max. 560 MB / s
  • Purpose: for laptop and desktop computer
  • Memory technology: TLC 3D NAND
  • Silicon Motion SM2258 Controller
  • Warranty: limited, 5 years
  • Max. operating temperature 70 ° C

Drive Parameters

  • Random write speed (4 KB blocks) 90000 IOPS
  • The total number of bytes written (TBW) is 180 TB
  • Support for 4 KB sectors
  • Data encryption support
  • TRIM support
  • Time per fault 1,800,000 h

Dimensions and weight

  • Width 22 mm
  • Height 3.5 mm
  • Length 80 mm
  • Drive weight with packaging from the computeruniverse online store: 0.045kg

Review of Crucial MX500 M.2 2280 500GB [CT500MX500SSD4]

Thanks to an excellent combination of performance, features, accessories, price and warranty, the MX500 easily wins not only the hearts of users, but also gets virtual awards and titles in different publications of computer magazines (Like Top Value and Best Choice).

The Crucial MX500 is a SATA 6 Gb / s solid-state drive, available in both 2.5 ″ 7 mm form factor and M.2 2280 format, depending on capacity.

By purchasing the MX500, you also get support for the Crucial Storage Executive (SSD toolkit) and the ability to use Acronis True Image, a cloning program that allows you to transfer the current OS to a new MX500 drive or you can simply use backup software.

Available functions: standard features such as SMART, DevSleep, TRIM, static and dynamic wear leveling, support for hot plug, adaptive temperature control and data deletion without the possibility of recovery. Like many enterprise-class solid-state drives, and unlike many consumer-grade solid-state drives, the Crucial MX500 is equipped with an AES-256 hardware encryption mechanism that allows the MX500 to be compatible with TCG / Opal 2.0 (SED) and compatible with Microsoft eDrive. In addition, RAIN (backup array of independent NAND) and exclusive data protection provide protection for your data. Crucial has programmed dynamic recording acceleration to improve recording performance. Finally, instead of using a battery of capacitors to protect against power loss, the MX500 integrated protection directly into NAND and the firmware code. Thus, capacitors are no longer needed to provide additional protection, and this helps reduce the cost for consumers.

The MX500 M.2 comes in a small transparent blister that can be hung without damage to the disc. On the front side there is a sticker with the basic information about what kind of disc, capacity, compliance and SKU.

In addition to the MX500 solid-state drive, Crucial comes with two mounting screws and an Acronis True Image download instruction booklet. After a closer look at the drive, we see that Crucial decided not only to decorate the disc with a very stylish sticker, but also to make it out of thin metal so that it could act as a heat diffuser, similar to what we saw on Samsung drives.

The MX500 uses a SMI SM2258 SATA controller, this is a very popular controller, and it is capable of providing excellent performance. Although this is only one side of the coin, the other is NAND. The MX500 has one of the most up-to-date and modern 64-layer 3D TLC NANDs, and after reviewing 1 TB 2.5, the MX500 is safe to say that this is a significant improvement over their latest generation. Our sample of 500 GB has 4 NAND packages, unlike our 16 samples of 1 TB, and after formatting, the end-user has a capacity of ~ 465 GB in Windows.

Key features

  • Sequential read / write up to 560/510 MB / s and random read / write up to 95k / 90k for all file types
  • High speeds are achieved thanks to technology Micron 3D NAND; Features: M.2 / NGFF (2280), read 560 MB / s, write 510 MB / s
  • Ensures data integrity with built-in protection against power loss, even if the power is suddenly turned off;
  • Protection against hackers and thieves using 256-bit AES hardware encryption;
  • Compared to a hard drive, it is quieter and colder,
  • Compared with the hard drive, better power consumption (using only 100 mW of power supply power;), due to this, a longer battery life of the laptop is achieved,
  • Acronis True Image ™ HD makes it easy to transfer files from an old disk.
  • It is convenient to monitor the health and manage the SSD drive using the proprietary tool Crucial Storage Executive
  • 5 year limited warranty
  • Starting the system in seconds, loading files from the disk almost instantly, faster launch of system applications;
  • Good price / performance ratio;

Customer reviews

To the disadvantages, buyers noted the high temperatures of the drive. However, this is typical of almost all SSDs M.2, so users who have chosen the Crucial MX500 M.2 2280 500GB [CT500MX500SSD4] should think about cooling inside the computer case (or buying the appropriate motherboard with radiators). According to customer reviews, if there is normal ventilation inside the system unit, then in normal mode the storage temperature will be around 40 degrees, and in the increased load mode it will not exceed 70 degrees.

This is a budget drive for M.2, and therefore the level of the speed of writing / reading is not so high.

I like that they included the tie down screw as most …
Date of purchase: May 18, 2018
Capacity: 1TB [Verified Purchase]
Received the 1TB M.2 SSD today and plugged it in my desktop. It recognized it right away and so I used Easus to clone my primary platter drive that had my operating system on it in about an hour. Then I restarted the computer and pressed F12 to select which drive to boot from and selected the crucial drive. Then I pressed windows button + R to gain access to HD manager and proceeded to format my old drive designating it to a data drive for photo’s etc. The whole operation was quite painless. It started right up and no problems. Ran a speed test with performance mark and it reads at 561 mb/s and writes at 520 mb/s so it’s operating at optimal specifications. Not a single problem installing and getting it set up. I like that they included the tie down screw as most SSD’s do not. My mother board didn’t come with one so this was nice. Everything runs butter smooth now which is a huge difference from having a platter HD that ran at 7200 rpms. It’s night and day. Thank you crucial for a fair priced SSD. The drive temp never climbs over 55 degrees celsius.

Customer review from


Crashed after 5 months of medium use
Date of purchase: November 13, 2018
I installed this SSD about 5 months ago and hadn’t had any issues with it, I was actually pretty happy with the performance. Then a few nights ago I closed my laptop for the night (didn’t hit the power button or shut down from the menu) and when I opened it up in the morning it had apparently crashed and I was getting the Windows blue screen because Windows couldn’t repair itself. None of the Windows repair options worked and it’s not even able to reinstall Windows. I went into the BIOS and the SSD isn’t even showing up in the boot order now. Now that I’ve had to research this issue it seems like a lot of people have run into this problem. I’m still working on a resolution and I’ve not reached out to Crucial directly yet.

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  1. The write endurance of this MX500 model is 180TB which was previously 160TB. The NAND technology helps to increase the writing option acting as SLC manner. This SLC cache is managed in a dynamic way.

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