Review: Corsair Einbaurahmen 2.5″ in 3.5″ für SSD und HDD (Corsair SSD Mounting Bracket)

The Corsair Einbaurahmen 2.5 “in 3.5” für SSD and HDD (Corsair SSD Mounting Bracket, manufacturer no.: CSSD-BRKT1) is a adapter for 2.5 “SSD and other drives for installation in the 3.5″ bay of the computer. The thing is very popular, because the vast majority of manufacturers of solid-state drives do not complete their drives with such adapters, and many stationary cases simply do not have compartments for 2.5” drives.

Where to buy?

You can buy Corsair Einbaurahmen 2.5″ in 3.5″ für SSD und HDD (Corsair SSD Mounting Bracket) for the price 3,99 . Or if you need to fit two ssd in one 3,5” bay, you must buy Corsair Einbaurahmen 2.5″ in 3.5″ für 2 x SSD / HDD (Dual SSD Mounting Bracket, CSSD-BRKT2). Don’t forget to use discount coupon on computeruniverse.netFWNNROU (How to use it?).


Support 2.5”-3.5” drive bays
Compatible with all Corsair SSDs
Comes with 8 mounting screws
Dimension: 100mm x 100mm x12mm
Accessory Model: 1200
Channel Attribute: RETAIL
Product Name: Stock PSU cables
Color: Black

Review of Corsair SSD Mounting Bracket / Dual SSD Mounting Bracket

The SSD mounting bracket that solves two problems at once

The Corsair Dual SSD Mounting Bracket solves the problem of upgrading desktop PCs which only have 3.5 inch hard drive bays. Installation is straightforward: place one or two SSDs into the bracket with the screws provided, and then attach the bracket to any standard 3.5 inch drive bay. The black anodized aluminum looks great in any case, and it’s designed to allow extra clearance for connecting SATA data cables without straining the connectors.

The ability to stack two SSDs in the same bracket gives you additional flexibility. Even if you have just one available 3.5 inch drive bay, you’re not limited to a single solid-state drive. The adjustable mounting points support both symmetrical and asymmetrical dual SSD mounting, and it works with both 7mm and 9.5mm height SSDs.

Main Features

  • Fits in any form factor desktop computer case with at least one standard 3.5″ internal drive bay
  • Adapts 3.5″ internal drive bay for use with up to two 2.5″ SSDs
  • The adjustable mounting points support both symmetrical and asymmetrical SSD mounting
  • Black anodized aluminum designed to allow extra clearance for connecting SATA data cables without straining the connectors
  • Supports 7mm and 9.5mm height standard SSDs
  • Adjustable mounting holes for symmetrical and asymmetrical dual SSD mounting
  • Enough clearance for connecting SATA cables without strain to SATA connector
  • Includes 2 sets of SSD mounting screws and 1 set of adapter mounting screws
  • Easy, hassle-free and clean installation. Compatible with all Corsair SSDs, as well as all other brands

Customer Reviews

Computeruniverse’ Customers characterize the product as a convenient and cheap adapter for installing SSDs into classic 3.5 ”drive connectors in desktop computers. Many note the reliability of the design and low price, compared with the options in local stores. Of course, Chinese versions can be cheaper, however, their quality will be appropriate.

Great SSD bracket!
Verified Purchase [June 21, 2016]
Style: Dual Drive
I am a computer consultant, so I install a lot of SSDs.

I have already installed about 15 or so of these brackets, and have decided I like them better than the Sabrent dual SSD brackets.

I have installed over 50 of the Sabrent brackets before I discovered these.

These are easier to use for the most part. Also, these put the connectors in about the same location as a regular hard drive, so it fits more brackets (such as those blue plastic ones Dell uses).

The ONLY thing that drives me nuts about these brackets is how they package the screws. It comes with 3 sets of 4 screws, each in their own little bag, which is TIGHTLY rolled up and then TAPED shut. It is really challenging to get the screws out without cutting yourself. I have written to Corsair to try to get them to change this, since I will probably be installing hundreds of these things.

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Tip for ideal upgrading Apple iMacs to SSD
Verified Purchase [January 27, 2017]

The dual frame is perfect for upgrading an Apple iMac with 3.5 “HDD with an SSD, here I specifically discuss the dual frame CSSD-BRKT2 SSD.

The asymmetrical arrangement of the two 2.5 “bays, of course, only one of the two 2.5” squares is used, is suitable for the existing connection cables in the iMac, nothing is too short here, i. Frame with built-in SSD is almost identical to the connector positions of the power and SATA cables.

The Corsair CSSD-BRKT2 SSD is cheaper and better than a special 3.5 “frame to 2.5” for the iMac, since there is no need for an additional plug-in connection and thus a potential source of error.

I can only recommend the dual frame, also the tapped holes fit perfectly.

Photo Corsair dual frame with built-in SSD in the iMac.

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Best P / L ratio of a mounting frame!
Verified Purchase [August 26, 2016]

For many cases (even older ones) you need mounting frame to screw SSDs. This frame was installed in a 2008 system in a HDD cage designed for 3.5-inch hard drives. Then an SSD from Samsung was attached.

== Scope of delivery ==
1x hard disk frame made of metal
1x bag with screws
1x manual

== Quality ==
The metal made article is very high quality and stable.

== assembly ==
The assembly of the 2.5 inch SSD drive went smoothly. The drilled holes fit perfectly to those of the SSD.
To the left and right of the frame are additional screw holes to secure the frame in the PC. The cables can also be easily connected to the SSD.

== Conclusion
For the price, you get an absolute top product, so I can recommend this framework unrestricted.
If necessary, I would order the product again at any time.

Feedback from a very satisfied Amazon buyer

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