Review BRITA Marella XL weiß MAXTRA+

BRITA Marella XL weiß MAXTRA + – filter for water purification from the German company BRITA. Water tank holds 3.5 liters, where 2 liters are designed for filtered water. The model is equipped with an electronic BRITA Memo cartridge change indicator, which automatically reminds you of a MAXTRA filter cartridge change after four weeks. Water is filled through a practical lid that opens with a thumb up. The jug and funnel are easy to clean in the dishwasher (exception: lid). The MAXTRA + filter cartridge extends the life of coffee machines and kettles by reducing limescale in the water – for optimal instrument protection.

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  • Bench-top water filter
  • Product color: transparent, white
  • Water tank capacity: 3.5 liters of water
  • Filter capacity: holds up to 2 liters of filtered water
  • Filter cartridge replacement indicator
  • Set of delivery: 1 x BRITA water filter Marella XL in white, including 1 MAXTRA + filter element
  • Weight and dimensions, Width x Depth x Height: 256 mm x 147 mm x 258 mm
  • Number of cartridges: 1 pc.

Key Features

  • MAXTRA filtering technology: yes
  • Built-in display: yes
  • Memory function: yes
  • Cartridge replacement filter: yes
  • Showing when you need to change cartridge: yes
  • Suitable for refrigerator door: yes
  • Ergonomic handle: yes
  • Country of Origin: Germany
  • Dishwasher safe: yes


Marella is a comfortable model as a desktop water purification filter. The “cold” version has a total capacity of 3.5 liters, including 2.0 liters of volume for filtered water, due to its thin form fits perfectly into the refrigerator door. In addition, the model is equipped with an electronic BRITA Memo cartridge change indicator, which automatically reminds you when you need to change MAXTRA filter cartridge after four weeks. Water is filled through a practical lid that is folded with the thumb up. The jug and funnel are easy to clean in the dishwasher.

Enjoy the best BRITA filtered water. Thanks to the unique MAXTRA + filtration technology, lime and taste-sensitive substances such as self-metals such as lead and copper, which can form in domestic installations, are filtered out. For soft water, aromatic coffee and tea. It is also good for their household appliances: they are effectively protected from calcification. Now even better with the new Maxtra + technology.

With electronic change indicator “Brita Memo”. With a practical hinged lid, you don’t have to remove the entire lid. It is safe to wash in a dishwasher up to 50 degrees (except: is the lid). Maxtra + effectively protects household appliances, such as kettles and coffee makers / espressos, from limescale. A Maxtra + cartridge is included.

  • Practical filling hole in the lid
  • Electronic cartridge change indicator
  • Safe in the dishwasher (except the lid)
  • 3.5 liters of total volume / 2 liters of filtered water
  • Incl. MAXTRA + Filter Cartridge (100 L filtered water, replaced every 4 weeks)

Brita Company

The way people drink water steadily is BRITA’s vision of the German family business. In the 1960s, Heinz Hankammer founded BRITA, inspired by his daughter’s name: his idea was to optimize tap water. A little experiment that originally began
in his own garden, over the past 50 years has turned into one of the leading international experts on the optimization of drinking water. Both today and tomorrow, the quality and design of BRITA products convince customers around the world to make their choice in favor of the Brita company’s products.


Our passion is water! BRITA offers quality and design from Germany. All product components are regularly checked and verified by independent institutes – TÜV SÜD also regularly confirms the authenticity of its food products (certified in accordance with test report 18-B0601-19, 08.03.2018).

Steadily changing drinking water

With BRITA products you are actively involved in the prevention of plastic waste! Unlike disposable bottles, all BRITA products are made from high quality and durable materials. Make a valuable contribution to reducing plastic waste – with BRITA!

Brita Cartridge Recycling Program

Even after using the BRITA filter cartridge, it is important for us to handle raw materials with care. Therefore, we have created a recycling program for all parts of used cartridges.

Why filter the water?

Every day we use water for cooking and drinks. Even if drinking water does not meet high quality standards, it can be optimized by filtration. The main objective of a tabletop water filter is to reduce carbonate hardness (lime). In addition, odor and taste causing substances, such as tap water, flow by gravity through a Brita filter cartridge, which contains a mixture of an ion exchanger and activated carbon. The result is soft, tasty water for pure pleasure.

Advantages for user:

– Pure enjoyment of soft, fresh filtered water
– Full aroma with tea and coffee
– No troubling film on tea
– Reliably protects the device from calcification

With just one fill so much filtered water – only Marella XL can do this. Without the hassle of refueling and waiting for enough water all day.

To enjoy a clean drink. Soft and tasty: you just taste the fresh BRITA water with a filter. Removes flora from tap water.

For a delicious tea. While BRITA filtration removes visible limescale deposits and prevents the appearance of an unpleasant tea film with tea, the filtered water in BRITA has only one thing in common: a clear taste.

For coffee lovers its full aroma when cooking with filtered water. Ideal for a perfect cup of coffee.

Calcification protection. This protects your home appliance from calcification and extends its life.

How does MAXTRA + filtering work?

When using a MAXTRA + filter cartridge, tap water goes through 4 stages.

  • Particles such as sand or rust are filtered out.
  • Food-grade activated charcoal reduces odor or taste-disturbing substances
  • Carbonate hardness (lime) and household metals such as lead and copper are reduced
  • Finally, water passes through an ultra-fine sieve

Marella – a water filter that combines the highest comfort and design Now with new Maxtra + Technology Product Benefits:

  • Full aroma with tea and coffee
  • Device Calcification Protection
  • Fresh BRITA ® Maxtra + filtered water

Customer reviews

February 20, 2019 [Verified Purchase]
Color: blue
In the beginning I have to say that this water filter / water container saves on drinks. Purifying water is really cheaper than if you were buying water in a supermarket. In addition, water tastes very good after filtration. The operation is very simple and well explained on the filter packaging. Cleaning works very quickly because all parts are disassembled. But I don’t like the small volume of the filter, it empties too quickly, and as result it needs to be changed often. I know this from other water filters that don’t wear out so quickly, so I was a little surprised. Therefore, if you use this type of filter, you will have to think about replacing it in advance. But otherwise it is a very good product.

Neutral feedback about  filter from customer


He is worth its money!
September 11, 2018 [Confirmed Purchase]
Color: White colour
I already knew about the effect of the filter.
Therefore, it was immediately ordered.
The water hardness in the new apartment was unbearably high, so high that it could be seen in the kettle after three times of cooking.
With this filter, the filtered water is now visible in the boiler completely clean and without lime. I don’t know if it purifies water 100%, but I estimate that the water quality has improved by 99%.
For households with soft water, the filter costs less, but this should not happen so often, so it is absolutely recommended to buy!

Positive feedback from the buyer on the German Amazon site

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  1. Excellent!
    Zero complaints. The best tasting water I have had in my life. Yes, its better tasting than buying typical bottled water cooled from the store.

    It even allows slower changing of filters if you are on a budget. For best taste, change filter once every 8 days for best taste when the indicato reommends change by blinking.

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