Review: BitFenix 6-Pin PCIe Verlängerung 45cm sleeved rot / schwarz [BFA-MSC-6PEG45RK-RP]

BitFenix 6-Pin PCIe Verlängerung 45cm extender sleeved rot / schwarz [BFA-MSC-6PEG45RK-RP] is a 45 centimeter – 6-pin power extension for a PCIe video card with red braid. No.: BFA-MSC-6PEG45RK-RP. It is intended, first of all, for fans of modding PCs who want their system unit to look stylish inside and the color of the standart power cable to the video card from the power supply was not suitable and stands out from the overall color picture.

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Specifications and features

  • Premium ultra-tight weave
  • Multi-sleeve design
  • High quality cable assembly
  • Precision cast connectors
  • Connector type: 6-pin PCI-Express plug, 6-pin PCI-Express plug
  • Cable length: 45.0 cm
  • Braid color: red
  • Plug color: black


With input from some of the world’s most prolific case modders, BitFenix Alchemy Multisleeved Cables offer a premium ultra-dense weave and a unique multisleeved construction for an unparalleled look. These premium cables feature precision molded connectors, and come in a variety of colors and cable types, enabling modders to transform normal PCs into objects of wonderment.

Premium Ultra-Dense Weave

One look and it’s easy to see why BitFenix Alchemy Multisleeved Cables are superior to the competition. They use a premium ultra-dense weave – several times denser than your typical sleeved cable. This level of quality means is that the cable underneath the sleeve is completely not visible, making Alchemy
Multisleeved Cables the best available on the market.

Multi-Sleeved Construction

Alchemy Multisleeved Cables don’t cut any corners. Each individual cable is wrapped in that luxurious premium ultra-dense weave sleeves, giving the entire cable a unique look.

Multiple Colors and Cable Types

Alchemy Multisleeved Cables come in a large variety of colors and cable types. No matter what creation you are picturing, Alchemy as the right cables to complete your vision.

High Quality Cable Assembly

Alchemy Multisleeved Cables are manufactured using the strictest manufacturing procedures and standards, ensuring that every cable not only looks great, but also performs as a cable should.

Precision Molded Connectors

All Alchemy Multisleeved Cable connectors are precision crafted to comply with connector size and shape standards. This means that completing your modding project with them is always headache-free.

Customer reviews

March 19, 2018 [Verified Purchase]
Color: Black, White
100% opaque sleeved, with textile sleeve instead of plastic as with other competitors, very easy to lay because flexible, no protruding shrink tubing ends, priced absolutely fine, shipping very fast as always, that’s how you love it! So if you do not have the time and desire to sleev yourself for your next casemod, you will be served excellently with these cables! Have bought several cables from this manufacturer and am absolutely satisfied! customer feedback

June 19, 2015 [Verified Purchase]
Color: Black, Red
The main reason to buy this cable was the optics. The second was to relieve my cables from the power supply. These strained already by the guidance behind the Mainboard along (Big tower). But what really impressed me was the quality of the cable itself. The 6-pin plug fits perfectly and the material coating acts or is very high quality. Other cables that also stood as a solution in the room were provided here only with a plastic net. The 45.00 cm are also well chosen, because you have enough cable even with a SLI or CrossFireX solution.
If you want to upgrade your PC optically, or simply looking for an extension that is very good quality, I can generally recommend this cable series from BitFenix!

Customer review from german Amazon


Same type, different colors
June 27, 2013 [Verified Purchase]
Color: Black, White
I ordered this cable together with other cables from BitFenix. Although all cables (6 pin, 8 pin and 24 pin) belong to the same product family, they have 3 different shades (yellowish). However, the function of the cable is good and installed in the case, the color difference can be seen only on closer inspection. Those who attach great importance to the Gleicheit of its cables, and this is probably the main focus in this product category, should not buy this product.
Anyway, I will send the yellowish 6pin cable back.

Qualitatively, the cables are recommended. I could not detect any defects yet.

Negative customer’s feedback from

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