Review: Arctic P14 PWM 140mm

The Arctic P14 PWM 140mm fan guarantees extremely efficient cooling even with increased air resistance, so the P14 PWM is perfect for use with any radiator. Thanks to the 4-pin connector, the speed can be adjusted over a wide range from 200 to 1700 rpm, the noise is kept to a minimum, and when necessary, the maximum cooling efficiency is ensured. A lower motor temperature (by 10 ° C) approximately doubles the life of the fan, and the new ARCTIC motor has four times the life.

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  • Color: Black
  • Fan speed: 200 – 1700 rpm
  • Air consumption: 72.8 CFM / 123.76 m³ / h
  • Static pressure: 2.40 (mm / H2O)
  • Noise level: 2.40 (mm / H2O)
  • Fan housing: Standard
  • Control type: PWM
  • Connector: 4 pin connector
  • Fan bearing: Hydraulic bearing
  • Electrical characteristics
  • Typical voltage: DC 12V
  • Starting voltage: 3.9V
  • Current: 0.12 A
  • Cable length: 400mm
  • Size 140x140x27 mm
  • Weight: 194 g.


ARCTIC offers innovative solutions, transforming impossible user requirements into new ones. Always focused on its customers, ARCTIC strives for excellence through a strong dedication and a high sense of responsibility. In light of the ever-changing consumer landscape, the company strives to continue to expand and diversify its products and solutions. From cooling computers and peripherals to digital audio and home entertainment, the company strives to enrich people’s lives by creating innovative, easy-to-use, yet affordable products with tremendous value. The key factor in production is the best value for money, which customers always rely on when choosing a cooling system.

Optimized for static pressure

When developing the new P14 PWM, special attention was paid to directional airflow and therefore high static pressure. The fan guarantees extremely efficient cooling even with increased air resistance. Hence, the P14 PWM is particularly well suited for use on radiators.

Maximum efficiency technology

The motor is powered by the latest generation of neodymium-iron-boron-magnet ring, which allows the new P14 PWM to operate much more efficiently than its predecessors. This saves energy and reduces temperature without compromising performance.

Quiet operation, minimum vibration

Even at low rpm, the sound of the new ARCTIC motor is barely noticeable.
Due to sinusoidal magnetization, the new fan motor only generates about 5% vibration as a percentage of a conventional DC motor without a filter. Consequently, there is no need for rubber gaskets due to the smooth torque of the new motor.

Extended service life

Lowering the motor temperature by 10 ° C approximately doubles the life of the fan. The new ARCTIC motor has four times longer life thanks to the low impeller temperature. Consequently, the manufacturer has extended the warranty to 10 years.

200 to 1700 rpm adjustable via PWM PST

Thanks to the wide control range and PWM Sharing Technology (PST), the P14 PWM PST fan speed can be controlled in sync with all other fans together. This keeps noise to a minimum, guaranteeing maximum cooling performance when needed.

High quality bearing

Thanks to a combination of alloy and grease developed in Germany, friction inside the bearing is reduced and greater efficiency is achieved. The result is less heat generation and less bearing noise, which means longer fan life.

Double-sided installation

Installation, depending on the room and accessories:

  • position in which warm air is pushed out of the system unit
  • position in which cool air is drawn into the enclosure

Customer reviews

Buyers in their reviews noted that the fan perfectly cools the components inside the case at medium and high speeds. Other advantages include quiet and efficient operation, low power consumption, 4-pin connectivity and rpm control. In addition to the silence, the buyers were satisfied with the good working life of the fan itself.

One of the buyers who left a negative review on the fan noticed a strange aerodynamic noise, similar to the howling of the wind. At about 1200 rpm the fan starts to “howl” quietly, you can cope with this by decreasing or increasing the speed in a narrow range of 30-50 rpm. However, this problem is not so significant – during the day you may not even hear.

In general, all buyers agree that for their money this is an excellent fan, which, however, does not go beyond the “quiet average”. One of the few budget fans on the market that allows you to assemble an almost completely passive computer cooling system. It unfolds in all its glory when installed on a radiator.

Mostly negative reviews from buyers are found on Amazon site, here are two of them:

Decent fans, but 1 out of 4 ordered fans was different
Reviewed by US customer on Dec 13, 2019 [Verified Purchase]

I ordered the ARCTIC P14 Value Pack – 140mm Pressure Optimized Fan and received the package in good condition. All fans were on, but 1 of 4 fans has a lower RPM. All worked at the same voltage. I measured the current and found that it only draws 0.04 A compared to the 0.14 A that the other 4 fans were running. I removed all the fan blades and found that one fan had red coils and the other 4 had gold coils. The red coils were the same fan that drew less current and therefore spun at lower rpms.

I have contacted the seller and am waiting for a response. It looks like another Arctic model was included in the P14 kit, although they all look the same (except for the color of the inductor).

Negative feedback from a customer claiming that one of the fans purchased had different specifications and had a different inductor.


Got noisy in less than a month
Reviewed by US buyer Jun 23, 2020 [Verified Purchase]
Model: P14 PWM (Black / Black)
I bought three of these for a new build; 2 for blowing, one for blowing out. They were great for about 2 weeks and then I started to notice a little noise and one of them hit the front of the case from time to time. It’s been a month or so since the original purchase, and I had to remove my computer from the table and move the table away from it just to get away from the crazy noise. I adjusted the fan speed in the BIOS and even looked at the temperature of the machine to make sure other components weren’t overheating and causing the fans to speed up further, but no. The fans are just too loud even by 50%. They are very good at cooling, hence the 2 stars, but they are definitely not quiet, but the specs might make you believe it. You’d better look elsewhere for a quiet fan for about the same price.

Negative feedback from a US customer who noted that the fan became very noisy after a month of use.

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