Braun MGK7221 Multi-Grooming Kit

The Braun Rechargeable Trimmer MGK7221 10-in-1 Multi-Grooming Kit is designed for dry and wet care of facial, scalp and body hair. Adapts to any beard with AutoSensing technology: Braun’s innovative AutoSensing technology reads the beard 13 times per second and adjusts the power of the trimmer motor to the thickness of the wearer’s hair, providing an easy cut for any beard type. The motor delivers extra power exactly where it’s needed, allowing Braun trimmers to deliver unparalleled performance over all previous generations of Braun trimmers. The manufacturer has programmed 13 length settings.
Long-lasting lithium-ion battery that can hold up to 100 minutes during an active haircut. Full charge takes 1 hour and fast charge takes 5 minutes for 1 cut. The trimmer is washable and waterproof – safe to use in the shower or under running water for easy cleaning.

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  • Price: 58,90 €
  • Device type: hair trimmer, beard, mustache
  • Battery life (min) 100
  • Battery type Li-ion
  • Trimmer type universal
  • Cleaning under running water +
  • Charge Level LED +
  • Nozzles included: 8
  • Comb attachment for short hair 3-11 mm +
  • Comb attachment for long hair 13-21 mm +
  • Comb attachment 2 mm +
  • 1 mm comb attachment +
  • Nozzle for nose and ears +
  • Gillette Fusion ProGlide + Razor


  • Braun styling trimmer MGK7221 in black / silver
  • Comb attachment for short hair (3-11 mm)
  • Comb attachment for long hair (13-21 mm)
  • Body shaving head
  • Nose and ear trimmer
  • 1 mm comb attachment
  • 2 mm comb attachment
  • Precision styling attachment
  • Precision shaving attachment
  • Gillette Fusion ProGlide Razor with FlexBall Technology
  • Cleaning brush
  • SmartPlug charger
  • Soft case


Braun MGK7221 Multi-Grooming Kit is a versatile styling kit that provides complete care for your face, head and body hair. Up to 10 functions in 1 device.

Lifetime, ultra-sharp blades with Autosensing motor work for perfect results from the first strokes. No grabbing and pulling of hairs.

The powerful Li-Ion battery lasts up to 100 minutes. A full charge takes only one hour, and a 5-minute charge is enough for 1 haircut.

The shaver is easy to clean under cold water. Ergonomically shaped for a comfortable grip during use.

This is not a professional hair trimmer, but it can be used as a trimmer if needed. The accessory allows you to thin your hair, shape it and trim the edges. If you want a professional haircut, you will still need scissors.

What does a MGK7221 do?

Styling all over the body. Bristles 1-2 mm.

The trimmer handles short beards of 3-11 mm, long beards of 13-21 mm and contouring.

With MGK7221 Multi-Grooming Kit, you can trim 3-21mm hair, remove nose and ear hair and body care.

Length settings

13 length settings thanks to 4 combs.

Beard styling

Create a beard of any length in the range of 0.5-21 mm with 4 combs, complementing it with neat and precise lines on the neck and cheeks with the main trimmer. Treat small areas with the Precision Styling accessory.



Trim your hair to the length you want – 0.5-21mm thanks to 2 adjustable combs.



Clean shave

Close shave neck, cheeks and face with the Gillette Fusion5 ProGlide Razor with Flexball Technology.



Body care

Treat the entire body safely, from underarms to chest.



Nose and ear care

Remove ear and nose hair effectively and without pulling.



Lifetime ultra-sharp metal blades

Lifetime ultra-sharp metal blades for perfect results from the first stroke. No pinching or pulling hair.



Autosensing motor

The Autosensing motor ensures consistent speed even on thick hair.



Li-ion battery for 150% longer life

100 minutes battery operation. Full charge in 1 hour. 5 minutes of charge is enough for 1 shave. * compared to MGK3040.



Automatic adjustment of consumption voltage

The device automatically adapts to any voltage between 100V-240V. He works in almost every country.



Other features

  • 13 precise length settings
  • Wet cleaning. Easy to clean under running water.
  • Charge LED indicator. Always informs about the state of the battery.
  • Automatic safety mode. Allows you not to use the device while charging.
  • SHAVER GILLETTE FUSION PROGLIDE. with FlexBall technology as a gift
  • German design. All company trimmers are designed in Germany.

Customer Reviews

Buyers noted the following advantages of the trimmer: quiet and wireless operation, compact size, pleasant ergonomic design and neatly made body, a large battery. Many users noted the ability to wash the trimmer under water, were pleased with the large number of useful attachments.

According to buyer reviews, the machine cuts well, has sharp blades, makes almost no noise, only a low buzz in the hand.

To the disadvantages, buyers attributed the lack of oil in the kit for lubricating the rotating mechanism, as well as the platform / container for the machine and attachments. There is only a bag in the kit, but as it turned out, many users find it inconvenient to store a hair clipper like this.

Despite the shortcomings of the kit, most users agreed that for 60 euro the purchase is fully justified. Cut, shave, trim – copes with all functions perfectly. Lightweight, fast charging, enough for multiple uses.

Was skeptical at first, but now pleasantly impressed
Reviewed in the United States on August 13, 2020 [Verified Purchase]

I was skeptical switching to a Braun all in one, as I’ve always used Wahl products that are extremely powerful, sharp and expensive. But they’re never waterproof which is so irritating, and Wahl for whatever reason doesn’t make the adjustable attachment for beard length. I wanted those two things so I decided to give this thing a shot.

Quick review: I have been pleasantly impressed by this thing. While it isn’t the sharpest blade I’ve ever used (Wahl wins there always), it does cut quite well; well enough for most. The attachments are easy to use and they work well. The attachment system is so simple to use. Plenty of attachments make this thing do a lot of jobs seamlessly. Battery seems good overall, and being waterproof is so convenient especially when it comes to cleaning.

I was skeptical spending this much on a mainstream Braun product, but I’m glad I did. I’ll be keeping this trimmer and using it as my main tool to keep my beard clean and trim.

Positive Feedback from American Buyer


Not live up to the hype.
Reviewed in the United States on October 8, 2020
Verified Purchase
The Trimmer for boys with peach fuzz. When I took it out of the box and I felt like I was gonna break it I should’ve known it wasn’t going to shave how I expected it to. Not a close shave it all. Throw $100 away or buy a Wahl.

Negative feedback from an Amazon customer


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