Review: Bosch MMBH6P6BDE Standmixer schwarz

Bosch MMBH6P6BDE Standmixer schwarz is a Bosch VitaBoost high-speed blender with more than 30,000 rpm and with 6 automatic programs for preparing healthy and tasty smoothies, cocktails, hot soups, ice cream and much more. The blender saves the user time due to the fact that it is able to heat or cool dishes during chopping, it can be consumed immediately after the program ends. The cooking time of almost any dish is no more than 10 minutes after starting the mechanism.

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Review: Tefal GV 8962 Dampfbügelstation [GV8962]

The Tefal GV 8962 Dampfbügelstation [GV8962] steam generator has several advantages over a conventional iron, but it costs several times more. Due to the high pressure, steam penetrates deep into the tissues and helps quickly and easily smooth out all folds. The scale collector provides convenient removal of scale particles from the boiler, guaranteeing a long service life of the device and powerful steam. The Palladium Autoclean outsole provides longer-lasting performance by breaking down fibers that can adhere to the surface of the iron and leave marks on clothes, preventing the iron from slipping. Among the main features of the Tefal GV 8962, the manufacturer also noted a unique locking system for safe and easy transportation of the device.

You can buy  Tefal GV 8962 Dampfbügelstation [GV8962]; 6,735kg for the price 148,89 Don’t forget to use discount coupon on computeruniverse.netFWNNROU (How to use it?).

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Review: Belkin Überspannungsschutz 1-Fach SurgePlus + 2 USB Ports [BSV103VF]

Belkin Surge Protectors BSV103vf is a surge protector with one Shuko type outlet and a wide range of various protections. The device has a high level of energy absorption, which is 306 J in its maximum value. Being connected to a power strip, the appliance is guaranteed to be protected from short circuit, network overload and even impulse noise. Also, the model is equipped with two USB ports, that allowing to recharge compatible gadgets with a maximum output power of 2.4 A. For connecting to electrical outlet, the model is equipped with a euro plug.

You can buy Belkin Überspannungsschutz 1-Fach SurgePlus + 2 USB Ports for the price 23,29 Don’t forget to use discount coupon on computeruniverse.netFWNNROU (How to use it?).

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Review: Elgato Eve Flare (HomeKit) Smart LED Leuchte mit Apple HomeKit-Technologie [10EAX8301]

Eve Flare – Portable Smart LED Lamp – is a portable lamp of decorative illumination in the form of a ball, which is poured with all the colors of the rainbow and is controlled from Apple’s smartphones. The lamp is fully portable, you can take it with you to your friends, hang in any room, for example, like a chandelier.
Works with Apple HomeKit and can be controlled from phones running iOS. Through the application, the device is turned on, the color is selected from the palette. The ball is charged from the docking station in the form of a stand, charging is carried out through special connectors located on the bottom of the LED Lamp.

The previous model was made of glass, the Elgato Eve Flare (HomeKit) Smart LED has a plastic shell. Perhaps changing of material will help keep the ball working even after a fall.

You can buy Elgato Eve Flare (HomeKit) Smart LED Leuchte mit Apple HomeKit-Technologie for the price 102,90 Don’t forget to use discount coupon on computeruniverse.netFWNNROU (How to use it?).

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