Review: Intel Core i5-9400F 6 core (Hexa Core) CPU with 2.90 GHz [BX80684I59400F]

Technically, the Core i9-9400F is based on the same semiconductor foundation as the past-generation Core i9-8400 Coffee Lake processors, differing only by a slightly increased clock frequency and the fact that the integrated GPU is hardware-locked at the production stage. Thus, the company has achieved a reduction in waste in the workplace, and left customers in the cold. However, due to the lack of shortage of these processors, the price for them usually does not exceed the recommended one, thereby making them, in some cases, profitable for purchase, in particular, when purchased from the online store.

In terms of performance in applications this is not best processor, however, in games it is better than a half times more expensive flagship Ryzen 7 2700X, which makes its choice very rational for mid-level gaming systems.

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